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Turbo Teen by Ruby-Spears

Teenager Bret Matthews wasn't popular with the ladies but he got off a road during a thunderstorm and crashes into a secret government laboratory, he and his red sports car are accidentally exposed to a molecular beam and fused together and as a result, Brett gains the ability to morph into the car. With this new super hero power, Brett and his friends Patti and Alex (who call him “TT”) as well as Brett's dog Rusty go on crime-fighting adventures together and solve other mysteries.

Goldie Gold and Action Jack by Ruby-Spears

wealthy socialite, heiress and owner of the Gold Street Journal Goldie Gold and her ace reporter companion,boyfriend/adventurer Action Jack go on danger adventures expolored mystery plots

Fangface by Ruby-Spears

Sherman Fangsworth is a teenager who is cursed with the ability to change into a werewolf at the sight of a full moon, even if it is only a picture of one. Together with his friends, they investigate various mysteries and crimes they encounter and find themselves facing dangers that require the power of Sherman's werewolf form as Fang-face to cope.

Thundarr: Quest for the Black Pearl (2015) by Based on the cartoon ''Thundarr the Barbarian'' created by Steve Gerber, Joe Ruby and Ken Spears.

The barbarian warrior Thundarr and his companions leaves his tribe and sets off across the wastelands and ruins of Earth to do battle with the evil wizard Gemini who attacked his tribe and stole a mysterious black pearl which Thundarr's tribe worships…

The Centurions by Ruby-Spears

The Centurions are the most powerful fighting force of the 21st Century. Equipped with special Exoframe suits, they are the ultimate fighting machines, as well as Earth's only defence against Dr. Terror and his Doom Drones…

The Centurions by Ruby-Spears productions

In the near future Doc Terror, and his cyborg companion Hacker, unleash their forces to conquer earth. Only one force can stop this evil; THE CENTURIONS, a handful of brave men. In specially created exo-brains they can be transported anywhere to fuse with incredible assult weapons. Beamed down from the space station Sky Vault, becoming man and machine, by saying power extreme. Max Ray - ‘Brilliant’ Sea Operations Commander. Jake Rockwell - ‘Rugged’ Land Operations Specialist. Ace McCloud - ‘Daring’ Air Operations Expert. Rex Charger - ‘Expert’ Energy program. John Thunder – ‘Specialist’ Infiltration Commander. Whatever the challenge, they are …

Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears

Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels centers on the mystery-solving adventures of the Teen Angels — Brenda, Dee Dee and Taffy — and their friend Captain Caveman (or Cavey for short), a prehistoric caveman whom the girls discovered and thawed from a block of ice. The concept and general plot for the show was seen as a parody of Charlie's Angels (which also aired on ABC). It also borrowed heavily from other Hanna-Barbera shows such as Scooby-Doo and Josie and the Pussycats, among others. Captain Caveman's powers include super-strength, a variety of useful objects hidden inside his fur, and a …

THUNDARR THE BARBARIAN by Based on the cartoon series from Ruby-Spears Productions created by Steve Gerber

Live-action updated series of the classic cartoon show. Thundarr is a mighty warrior living in the world of ‘'Savagery, super-science and sorcery’' the Earth has become, 2000 years after natural disasters left the Earth in ruins. Armed with the Sun-Sword, his magic weapon, Thundarr and his two companions, Princess Ariel, a beautiful sorceress and the mighty Lion-Like humanoid Ookla The Mok, travel across the world, and they find themselves in allsorts of adventures as they battle evil wizards, creatures and the rat-like Groundlings…

Penelope Pitstop by By Michael Maltese, Joe Ruby & Ken Spears

Penelope “Pitstop” Meyers, so-nicknamed because of her love of vintage racing cars, works in a grocery store in San Francisco. One day, she learns that she is an heiress to a multi-billion dollar fortune. However, she has to wait until her 21st birthday, which is a few months away, before she can inherit her uncle's wealth and estate. However, a clause in the will makes her lawyer, Sylvester Sneikly, the beneficiary of his late employer's fortune, should Miss Meyers die before him. Prompted by his love of the silent movie series, ‘The Perils Of Pauline’, he emulates the villain, 'The …

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