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The Power Rangers meet Dr.Robotnik and Megamind by Danny Frisk

The rangers of power rangers in space meet their most powerful villains to date Dr.Robotnik and Megamind the rangers must defeat them before they take over angel grove.

Power Rangers by Saban Entertainment

The stpry of the Power Rangers

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Xena: Warrior Princess (1970)

Xena is a reformed warrior princess who travels around fighting evil. Gabrielle – bard and …

Strange, Tokyo

Interwined stories between a police officer, his daughter, a taxi driver and a Yakuza leader …

My Crazy Rich Pregnant Girlfriend

Plot: Jason Young, a struggling musician composer who quit composed music theme for TV show …

Monster House (Live-Action)

What if 2006 Monster House was Made a Live-Action


Plot: Two bank robbers decided to become one of the infamous robbers in america history. …


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