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SKY HAWK: WRATH OF THE PHOENIX KING by Tristan Hartup and Vincent Garcia

All remaining Core Prime agents are now struggling to try and rebuild the organization from the ground up with some help from the government, although they trying and failing to make any contact with the power crew ever since they have disbanded and are acting on their own, which puts more pressure on them by the government. But they have managed to contact Travis Ford a.k.a Sky Hawk, who is trying to adjust to modern-day Earth and is learning about all the superheroes/super-powered beings that came after him (Though he says that he came across time jumpers before). But, Travis ...

ICE BREAKERS: SNOWSQUALL by Tristan Hartup and Vincent Garcia

Cody Hayes, Kacey and Megan Booker, and Alan Eckbert are struggling to adjust to a world 30 years beyond what they know after having been frozen for so long, as well as trying to deal with their powers clashing with their personal troubles. But there's a much bigger threat approaching, as ever since the group have been thawed out and since Core Prime downfall, all world's major cooperations have been in a bidding war over the ancient frozen civilization of ├Źsborg and all assets associated with it until the civilization's powerful and malevolent king Forsbyre is reawakened, mutated by the ...

ALICE: THE LAST STORM ANGEL by John Silver; 20th Century Fox and Gemini-Silver

The last entry to the Storm Angel saga. Alice, broken and weakened by Aberran's transcendentalism from darkness and light merging together, is left for dead after a long and grueling battle. With her kingdom overrun by the Transcendental darkness, Matthias is killed protecting the kingdom, while the Queen and the remainder of the Storm Angels are wiped out. Aberran, now ruler of the Weather Kingdom, plans on using the Orb of Distinct to unleash an unimaginable power beyond his ambitions to eliminate any source of light and darkness to create his own world. Years later, Alice, slowly regaining her abilities ...

DARK SHIELD: REVIVAL by Tristan Hartup

(This will be the last solo movie about a member of the original Power Crew I'll make.) Derren Crest has a lot of things to ponder, about everything that has happened to him from when he first discovered his powers to now, all the allies he's made and the ones he's lost, being dead for a short while then coming back, how now everyone across the globe knows who he is and what he can do and all the enemies he has made. He decides the path he had chosen in becoming a superhero has become way too much for ...

THE DARK CHASERS: GOLD & SILVER by Tristan Hartup & Vincent Garcia

Following the events of Power Crew: Core Eradication, the government organization Core Prime has been compromised since being infiltrated by the Dark Force, leaving both the fate of the organization undecided and the Power Crew having to act on their own from now on. The team has split up to track down any remnants of the Dark Force across the globe. Mathilda Aylmer and the Dark Chaser clan have Max Wincott a.k.a the Wraith in their custody interrogating him on all he knows about the Dark Force, Outside of struggling at being the new head of the clan, Mathilda is ...

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