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Avatar: The Last Airbender (1990's) by Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko, and Aaron Ehasz

What if Avatar: The Last Airbender came out during the 1990's?

Nicktoons Unite! (Justice League) by Nickelodeon

Based on Butch Hartman's animated trailer, An unprecedented evil is about to attack in the land of Nicktoons. Billionaire wish-kid Timmy Turner assembles a team of extraordinary heroes to save the world and face off against a greater enemy!

Rugrats: Saving the Playground by Nickelodeon

Rugrats: Saving The Playground is a 2018 American animated direct-to-video film based on the Nickelodeon animated television series, Rugrats, and it is to be put on DVD and Blu-Ray on June 15, 2018. Plot Summary: There's trouble in Eucaipah. An evil business man named Peter Claw, is planning to tear down the playground in the park to put up a fancy clothing store, and it's up to Tommy, Dil, Chuckie, Kimi, Phil, Lil, Angelica and Susie to save it before it's too late.

Hey Arnold! season 6 by Nickelodeon

Hey Arnold! season 6 takes place from where Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie had left off.

Jude and Vonda by Ethan A. Kirchner and Linda Woolverton

Once upon a time, in the floating city area called CartoonTopia, a hero named Jude Techno and his girlfriend Vonda Hydro lived in the condo called Raspberry Springs, located in Reynolds County. All cartoons lived in their rightful areas. Meanwhile, Dr. Gene Van Dickman, who is evil and lives in his lair with his hench-pets, got plans to destroy the cartoons and the floating city area, but was never realized. Tyler Reynolds invited Kayleen Faghen over to the new family reunion party, but without his father Pete Reynolds who got lost in Florida, Tyler and Kayleen must need their help …

Rugrats in Wonderland by Nickelodeon

The Rugrats spot a white rabbit who's frantically running late. When Dil gets a hold of his tail, he along with the white rabbit go down the rabbit hole. The Rugrats go down the rabbit hole too in attempt to find Dil while meeting many characters including Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, The Cheshire Cat, The Mad Hatter, March Hare and more! But they have to stop a new Queen of Hearts. But at the same time, Angelica's missing! And also, should CatDog play the Caterpillar (AKA CatDogerpillar)? NOTE: Don't use people that already played these characters like Johnny Depp …

Invader Zim by Jhonen Vasquez

An alien invader named Zim, from planet Irk, attempts to conquer or destroy planet Earth, but is usually foiled by his mistakes, his robot GIR, or by his arch-nemesis, paranormal enthusiast Dib.

Hey Arnold! by Craig Bartlett

The adventures of 4th grade student Arnold, living in a boarding house with his grandpa, who helps other people with personal problems, or encountering situations of his own.

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