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Woman In Love by Unknown

Barbra Streisand Biopic With the same style as Love & Mercy of two phases of her life (her early years in Music , film) and (her life with James Brolin)

Iconic Female Singers by Unknown

A fancast of iconic singers with a large carreer with testimony of singers that inspired them

The Bennett Sisters by Unknown

Two sisters that decide to became singer both in different times one in 70s and other in 80s that now 2016 they decide to make a comeback album together and while making it they remember memories both familiar and career. Characters: Marge Bennett - One of the sisters 68 Patricia Bennett - One of the sisters 58 Peter Green - a Famous movie director and Marge husband 74 Stephen Adams - a Pianist and Lawyer and Patricia Husband 67 Barbara Green - Marge oldest daughter 47 Olivia Green - Famous singer and Peter older sister 75 Betty Green - Famous ...

Oscar nominees: Vocalists edition by Unknown

If each movie nominated for best picture 2016 were a song who will sing it?

Ghostbuster Song by Paul Feig

A contest to see which female vocalist should sing the female Ghostbusters

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The Bear (Bear Bryant Biopic)

A Biopic about Bear Bryant.


The story of one of the best Doctors in USA that with 50 years of ...

International Getaway

Joseph Coleman, a retired FBI agent, has returned to a family lifestyle with his wife, ...

My 5 Brothers

5 Estranged Brothers are reunited for their dead older brother's funeral The 5 Brothers Wayne ...

Empire 1975

if Empire The TV Series was made 40 years ago


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