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Infinity Crisis (Part 45 - Universal Monsters) by Alex Luthor

A large paradox surrounds space and time itself as not only do The Avengers face the X-Men and Justice League, but… everyone!

Monster Mash! (Dark Universe) by Universal Pictures

After Tom Cruise's The Mummy bombed, everyone at Universal is like “Fuck it, Let's do this man! Let's have them all fight!”

Monster Mash! (1945) by Universal Pictures

All the Universal Monsters including King Kong finally meet together for an epic fight to the finish!

Marvel's New Howling Commandos by Keith Giffen & Eduardo Francisco

When faced with the impossible (even for them), the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement & Logistics Division knows just the team to call in… and these folks ain't the Avengers! The Howling Commandos are brought in to handle the supernatural threats that no other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents can.

Untitled Van Helsing Sequel by Stephen Sommers

Saw a different listing for a Van Helsing sequel and it gave me an idea. I picture this as the the ultimate monster movie/literary mash-up set in the same universe as the original. *Added Rodney Skinner (the The League of Extraordinary Gentleman version of the Invisible Man) with the idea that he would be a cameo appearance. (LXG is another movie that may not have been very well reviewed but I think is a fun movie that has the same tone as VH. Tony Curran as Skinner is one of the best parts of that flick.)

The Mummy by John L. Balderstone

The story of love that “lasted longer than the temple of our gods.” British archeologists discover a tomb in Egypt of a Princess Ananka, along with a revenging mummy who follows the archeologists to England to seek revenge for desecrating the tomb of the princess.

Hillhurst Monster Misadventures by Doc M Productions

A dark comedy series, it is centered around Flabber and the house monsters and it features them having various misadventures both in the human world and in the monster world. Here are the characters: Flabber Flabber is a blue skinned phasm from the 7th dimension, he is loosely modelled on Elvis Presley but to some resembles Jay Leno of the Tonight Show. His mannerisms are similar to Jim Carrey's famous character Ace Ventura including his laugh. He serves as the offical leader of the house monsters and is the one that has to intervene whenever Wolfie, Fangula and Mums attempt …

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