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Christopher Nolan's Doctor Strange by Scott Derrickson

What if Christopher Nolan directed Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange(2006) by Scott Derrickson,Steve Ditko

10 years earlier.

Captain America: Mad Bomb by Marvel Studios

Russo Brothers reveal that if Robert Downey Jr. Turned down Captain America: Civil War, Third Captain America Movie would revolve Mad Bomb! It's basically a machine that causes innocent civilians into a brainwashed zombie. This idea would be way personal for Captain America as the bad guys he fighting against are innocent civilians that he protecting for! Now just says he turn down the movie and this Mad Bomb idea happens! Main Plot After the event of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Helmut Zemo want to take down the Leader of Avengers, Captain America for causing his family's death and in ...

How To Survive In A Marvel Movie? by Marvel Studios

A Marvel Fanboy and his friends who is magically transported to Marvel Cinematic Universe and end up being involved with a LOT OF ACTION SCENE Main Characters Austin Clay- A Marvel Fanboy who love MCU FILMS and want to be in Marvel Cinematic Universe Kurt Donovan- Austin's Best Friend who rather prefers reading Marvel Comic Book than watching MCU Films Rachel Meade- Austin's Tomboy Girlfriend who HATE to be the Damsel In Distress

Daredevil (2005) by Marvel

What if Daredevil appeared as a series on FX 10 years ago?

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Dallas Movie Verison

if the show Dallas was a movie


It's 1945. Defeat is all but inevitable for the Axis Powers... until it isn't anymore, ...


Arthur Bremer was the assassination to kill Alabama Governor George C. Wallace on May 15, ...

Project Sonic 2017 (Sonic Resistance)

An upcoming game installment in the Sonic the Hedgehog series under the production title Project ...

Bride Wars (2019)

Bride Wars made 10 years later.


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