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Angel For Christmas by Kyle Cooke/UP Network

PLOT: After the death of his mother from cancer, Scott Keller relationship with his workaholic father becomes strained, his relationship with his younger sister is also strained, and his relationship with his girlfriend, Caitlin Camden is beginning to fall apart due to Scott's grieving over his mother. A male angel comes down from heaven to help Scott regain his holiday spirit and get through his grief and fix his relationships with his girlfriend, sister and father.

Nintendo Animated Universe: Super Mario Bros. Protaganists by Ted Culkin

This is the first in phases of ideas for a shared universe of Nintendo (and in the alt. reality where this existed, Rare) game franchises. Produced by Disney and made mostly in the form of TV shows and movies. To start, we have the main protagonists of the Super Mario installments in the series. Including Prince Cream, described here:

Batman: Gotham By Gaslight TV series by Steven Moffet

Loosely based on the elseworlds Batman comic, Gotham By Gaslight

Diary Of a Wimpy Kid (animated tv series) by Jeff Kinney

The television adaptation of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books

Super Mario Bros: The Animated Series by Ted Culkin

A Disney cartoon show with all sorts of Mario characters I created. Such as Peach's Family (especially a younger sibling named Prince Cream) and other characters across Mario lore.

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