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Sin City: That Yellow Bastard by Frank Miller (original), Vince Gilligan and Sam Mendes

Imagine if Sin City is television miniseries, airing on AMC. This only contains the That Yellow Bastard comic.

The Marauders by David Yates

Before the events of Harry Potter, the series focuses on the lives of Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, Lily Evans, and James Potter

Jessie by Netflix

In 1984 New York City, A 12-year-old girl named Jessie Simon is taken to, yet again, another foster home long after being taken away from her mentally ill mother at age 9. She is sent to live with Joy and Roger Wilder, a couple who raises 8 other children. Jessie must come to terms with accepting her new family or her want to reunite with her mother. Rated TV-14 Characters: Jessie Simon, 12 year old troubled girl who gets sent to live with the Wilders. Angela Keane, Jessie's social worker Joy Wilder, An African-American lawyer who is Jessie's foster mother, ...

My Little Pony Auditions: Ep. 9 Countess Coloratura by Anyone

Coloratura, nicknamed Rara and stage-named Countess Coloratura, is a female Earth pony and supporting character who appears in the season five episode The Mane Attraction. She is a famous pop singer in Equestria and a childhood friend of Applejack's.

FLASH GORDON by John Silver, Netflix, and Alex Raymond

My re-interpretation of Flash Gordon as a mini-series on Netflix. Flash Gordon is a charismatic adrenaline junkie from a fraternity who is kicked out of college after several disturbances in his New York City home, and is called in by his best friend and love interest Dale Arden to analyze a top-secret experiment by Dr. Hans Zarkov. The experiment turns out to be using a spaceship to travel at hyper speed from one planet to another in a duration of days. However, Flash shows no interest in the project, having failed to achieve his degree in science and is coerced ...

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Blade: War of the Darkholders

The third/last film of Marvel's Blade reboot trilogy. Synopsis: Alongside Doctor Strange, the three detectives ...

Breaking Bad (1980's)

If Breaking Bad was made in the 1980's.

The Greatest

An Olympic Athlete name Cassius Clay, who is challenged by his secret ambitions, to demonstrate ...

The Trees

Based on Ali Shaw's novel, One night, when 44-year-old English teacher Adrien Thomas is alone ...

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story

A standalone installment, set prior to the events of the original 1977 film, following a ...


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