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Knightmare by Tim Child

Children game show series telling the adventures of teams set out for a quest in ''Dungeons and Dragons'' settings. The three-level Dungeon is set in an electronic world where the person actually going into the Dungeon world would have to wear a helmet and will have his three advisors telling what to do. Generally the quest was for either the cup, the sword, the shield or the crowd and helping them was Treguard, the Dungeon Master and helped by Pickle and Majilda. The team usually come up against Modgred and in most of the later series Lord Fear. The Dungeon ...

Shooting Stars by Based on BBC's Shooting Stars created by Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. Daniel Williamson (Idea)

An American version of the BBC's award-winning hilarious and surreal celebrity quiz show which was written and host by Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer and the regular team captains was Ulrika Johnson and Mark Lamarr and aired from 1993 - 2002. In SHOOTING STARS, the two teams of famous celebrities plays True or False, The Clips Round, The Dove from Above Around and The Quick-Fire Round. The show also features hilarious clips and the scorekeeper is the big baby George Dawes, who banged the drums, but sometimes, George's own mother is the scorekeeper...

Win a Date with Summer Glau by Daniel Williamson (Concept)

WIN A DATE WITH SUMMER GLAU is a one-off 7-part American Reality show. Where 8 average men ages 20 - 35, take part in a competiton. The prize: Win a Date with American actress Summer Glau from SERENITY and TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES. Each week, contestants will carry out a series of tasks, selected by Summer Glau, herself (Write a episode of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, Cook a Meal, Rehease the show with Summer, and the cast of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES and Finding the ideal resturant to take Summer and performing a stunt). And Each week, ...

SOMEONE IS COMING TO DINNER by Daniel Williamson (concept)

SOMEONE IS COMING TO DINNER is a new 35-minute Kiwi TV show. Each week, families from across New Zealand are visited by the Host and the camera-crew. The Family, which will be picked at random, have a 2 hour time limt to cook a meal, tidy their house and look respectable, as a surprise guest will be having dinner with them. If the family is sucessful in completing the tasks, they will be given a special prize money. When they complete the tasks before time runs out. The surprise guest, which will be a famous celebrity will arrive at the ...

Castle Quest by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

CASTLE QUEST is a new British 25-minute Fantasy Adventure gameshow in the tradition of KNIGHTMARE that is filmed in front of a blue screen. The GameMaster chooses a team of three contestants from ages 16 - 19 to take part. In CASTLE QUEST, The contestants are the advisors of a Barbarian Warrior named Mergon. Mergon is sent into CASTLE QUEST, a black fortress. Mergon will be unable to see what is in front of him since the entire castle is completley pitch-black. Mergon's only weapons is a golden-sword and a magic shield which allow the 3 advisors to observe and ...

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