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Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mega by Disney, Plan B Entertainment, Pearl Street Films, Infinitum Nihil, and Rabbit Bandini Productions

The story begins with the boy was a baby cow plays video games of baseball. His grandfather, Cowlifornia Buster, arrived to see his grandson made in sore throat from his school in the summer. When he made in stories for his father was a prisoner, Cowlorado Kid, while his father and his mother was murdered by Masked Bull. The Dakota Dude is tough to beat Masked Bull and it was too late, Sheriff will help him and find him and hired by Marshal Moo Montana in Cowtown. Those three heroes are the cowboys in the West.

The Ghost by Skeeter Hurd, Disney

A girl and her brother discovers their parents are possessed. CHARACTER LIST: Lesley - She is a young high school student. Jake - He is Lesley's younger brother. Diane - She is Jake's babysitter. Tina - She is Lesley and Jack's mother. Paul - He is Lesley and Jack's father. Jason - He is Lesley's best friend. Hayley - She is Lesley's other best friend. Dr. Zoom - He is Lesley and Jake's neighbor. Fern - She is Lesley and Jake's grandmother. Doug - He is Lesley and Jake's grandfather. MPAA Rating: PG for thematic material, fantasy violence, scary images ...

Incredibles 2 (1998) by Brad Bird

Incredibles 2 was Made 20 Years Earlier (If The Year is Wrong I Will Edit It) Happy Voting and Soon I Will Make a Cast: The Incredibles: the Animated Series :D

Spy Dogs by Skeeter Hurd, Ned Lowe, Disney

Six dogs lives changed when they become spies. CHARACTER LIST: Dag - She is a Doberman pinscher. Spot - He is a beagle. Fifi - She is a French poodle. Pablo - He is a chihuahua. Mickey - He is a Labrador. Todd - He is a businessman and Daisy's father. Lisa - She is a police officer and Daisy's mother. Daisy - She is Todd and Lisa's daughter. Mike - He is Todd's best friend. Carla - She is Todd's love interest. Mr. Bruno - He is the main villain. MPAA Rating: PG for action violence and peril, mild ...

Christopher Robin (1998) by Walt Disney Pictures

What if Christopher Robin were made in the 90’s?

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