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SENTINEL RAGE: MIDNIGHT SHADOW VS WARRIOR X by "Midnight Shadow" by John Silver, "Warrior X" by Tristan Hartup

With word spreading greatly about Warrior X and his organisation, people, the media and the US government are in a fierce debate about it, some see Warrior X as a hero, some see him as a dangerous freak, and there are questions about what he and his organisation could mean for the future of mankind and if there are any more superpowered experiments happening elsewhere. Among all these is Carl Hoyt a.k.a Midnight Shadow, who had been obsessively keeping tabs on Warrior X ever since he first appeared, he had been trying to understand him and wanting to know if ...

INTO THE FRAY by Black Wolf/Lone Wolf by John Silver, Warrior X by Tristan Hartup

Sam Rodgers (known as Warrior X) now leads an organization of people (formerly patients) to battling injustice after the successful rescue and survival against The Lord, who had kidnapped him and the patients in the past in order to make them powerful slaves. Acting as a mentor to his students, Sam ends up bringing more students from various locations where people have been kept as negatively influenced freaks of nature and forms a few bonds with them. But one night, a mysterious and tall figure enters the home of Warrior X’s superpower citizens, bloodthirsty and ruthless for sport. It turns ...

The Big Lebowski's Fight Club by Joel and Ethan Cohen (Big Lebowski) and David Fincher (Fight Club)

What would happen if David Fincher's Fight Club and The Cohen Brothers' The Big Lebowski were mashed up together? A violent, psychological game of bowling and fighting. NOTE: Please be very careful with your casting choices. ONLY FEATURE ACTORS WHO HAVE WORKED WITH THE COHEN BROTHERS AND DAVID FINCHER IN THE PAST.

LIGHTNING ARROW by Tristan Hartup

A crossover between the characters Hayden Ryan from "Hoax In The Gun" and "Red Fire", and Robyn Barlow from "Crimson Butterfly". After being proven innocent and welcomed back into the CIA, Hayden Ryan immediately jumps right back into action when a series of horrific terrorist attacks occur all around the world with a calling card of a lightning bolt. With clues all pointing to disfigured former MI6 agent Sebastian Arrow, Hayden Ryan focuses on another interesting clue and attempts to contact fugitive mother and daughter spies Mathilda and Robyn Barlow. Although they start off on the wrong foot, Hayden quickly ...

RED FIRE by "Sister Spies" by John Silver, "Hoax In The Gun" by Tristan Hartup

My entry for MovieCriticGamer's challenge (he is the original creator of Sister Spies.) After preventing chemical warfare but being accused of selling incriminating secrets of the CIA to terrorist organisations, Hayden Ryan goes on the run and soon begins to notice and obsessively track the activities of former military policeman turned mercenary leader Alexander Grentz. With the CIA relentlessly trying to find Hayden, they call upon two highly trained "sisters", Victoria and Krista, to hunt him down and bring him in. Hayden now must convince the girls he's innocent and get their help to take Grentz down. MPAA Rating: Rated ...

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