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Titles Tagged “Brato”

Eden Isn´t So Far by Nicolas A. and Axel B.

The each-day adventures of the Eden family, which are archivated afetre each episode in their very amazing Virtual Diaries that the father, Adam ,makes at his company…

The Simpsons Adventures: Bartman vs. Sideshow Bob by N.Acosta and A.Brato

A live-action movie when Bart puts on his mask and with his friends figth against a very misterious criminal that keeps his/her identitity secret in a mask… but… is he/she an already-known danger for him and the town??? But Bart isn´t alone: His sister and friends will help him to end with this menace… NOTE:The words beetween parentheses means the heroichal denomination of some characeters in this movie…

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The Mr. Men Show: The Movie (2022)

Mr. Despicable gained a villainous plan to kidnap all the Mr. Men and Little Misses …


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