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Titles Tagged “Biography”

La Bamba by Luis Valdez

what if the Ritchie Valens Bio Pic was release today

Mask by Peter Bogdanovich

what if the Rocky Dennis Bio Pic film starring Eric Stoltz & Cher came out today.

I,Tonya (2007) by Craig Gillespie

What if I,Tonya was made 10 years ago?

Darkest Hour (1977) by Joe Wright

What if Darkest Hour was made 40 years earlier?

Basquiat by Julian Schnabel

what if the Jean Michel Basquiat bio pic came out today

Popular Titles

Cruel Intentions (Black Actors)

Cruel Intentions made with Black Actors

Denis Villeneuve's Pineapple Express

What if Denis Villeneuve directed Pineapple Express?

Guy Ritchie's Pineapple Express

If Guy Ritchie directed Pineapple Express

Martin Scorsese's Pineapple Express

What if Martin Scorsese directed Pineapple Express?

Homer and Eddie

what if the James Belushi/Whoopi Goldberg film was release today.


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