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The Magnificent Seven(Alt Cast) by Antoine Fuqua

Alternative cast of Magnificent Seven

Your Top 10 Movies Of 2016 by Everyone

With 2016 almost over, It's around the time to countdown the Top 10 Movies of this year, I want you to vote your picks in the numbered sections and then comment your personal lists.

Suicide Squad(Marvel Cast) by David Ayer

What if Suicide Squad's cast consisted of actors from Marvel's movies

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (Marvel Cast) by David S. Goyer, Chris Terrio

What if the cast and director of Batman V Superman was switched with actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Popular Titles

Wes Anderson's Looper

What if Wes Anderson directed Looper?

Coen Brothers' CODA

CODA made by the Coen Brothers

David Fincher's CODA

What if David Fincher directed CODA?

Paul Thomas Anderson's Manchester by the Sea

If Paul Thomas Anderson directed Manchester by the Sea

Wes Anderson’s American Hustle

American Hustle directed by Wes Anderson


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