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Titles Tagged “20 years earlier”

Manchester By The Sea (1996) by Kenneth Lonergan

Manchester By the sea made 20 years earlier

The Hitcher (1967) by Robert Harmon

If The Hitcher (1987) was made 20 years earlier.

Love, Simon (1998) by Greg Berlanti

Love, Simon made 20 years earlier

Incredibles 2 (1998) by Brad Bird

Incredibles 2 was Made 20 Years Earlier (If The Year is Wrong I Will Edit It) Happy Voting and Soon I Will Make a Cast: The Incredibles: the Animated Series :D

The Nice Guys (1996) by Shane Black

If The Nice Guys was made 20 years earlier.

Tag (1998) by Jeff Tomsic

Tag made 20 years earlier

Avengers: Infinity War (1998) by Marvel Studios

What if Avengers: Infinity War was made 20 years earlier?

The Roommate (1991) by Screen Gems

The Roommate made 20 years earlier

Isle of Dogs (1998) by Wes Anderson

Isle of Dogs made 20 years earlier.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (1996) by Jake Syzmanski

What if Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates was made 20 years earlier?

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