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The Anti-Insane Bandit by DC

The Characters

The Anti-Insane Bandit: AIB's real name is Rick Bale. Rick is often cocky and arrogent, often used dry sense of humor for everything even while bounty hunting. Rick's normal job is being a lawyer, which he is known to be one the best in his town. AIB uses high tech gadgets to find or to battle a criminal.

Happy: Happy is a maniac jester that suffers from adhd and histrionic personality. Happy's real name is Axel Carris, who was original known for stalking a pop star, he would often suffer from deep depression that he could not have her. Axel would later become Happy the killing jester. Axel now causes massacres and chaos, which is his out let from his depression because he loves to kill innocence and get large amount of attention.

Evood: Evood's real name is Sabastion Newman, who was once a priest for the local baptist church, he was known in his church to be humble, kind and generous but Sabastion suffered from severe bipolar. When Sabastion would go bipolar he would act growchy and would get easily angered but what made him into Evood was when he found out he was being replaced by another priest, which made his bipolar side much worse. Now Evood is a fustrated killing machine switching back to good and evil.

Reject: Regect's real name is Steven Tast. Regect suffers from paranoid personality disorder and avoident personality disorder. Regect has never came out of his house for over 10 years which makes him more crazy every day. Steven was made fun of growing up because of his strange looks and his awkward behavior. Regect's I.Q. is 183, which makes him abnormaly smart. Regect spends most his time making gadgets that will toy with humanity.

Hellbilly: Hellbilly's real name is Homer Judd. Hellbilly is a sadistic inbeded hick who has the I.Q. of 77. Often abducting animals and brings them back to his trailer to torture them to death for his pleasure. Hellbilly lives alone with his hydrocephalic brother who lives alone down the basement. Hellbilly uses his pitbulls as minions.

Snake: Snake has no real name. Snake was a harlequin itchthyosis baby who was abandoned by his mother when he was born. Snake was taken in by a circus owner named Bob Healy. Snake was known around the world to be the only person to survive harlequin itchthyosis. Snake was abused by Bob, so one day Snake snapped and brutally killed his owner and is now taking revenge on the whole world.

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