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X-MEN ORIGINS: QUICKSILVER by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Pietro and his twin sister Wanda ( Scarlet Witch ) always assumed that they were the children of the gypsy couple that raised them, Django and Marya Maximoff. They did not know that they had been adopted. In fact, they were born on Wundagore Mountain to a woman only known as Magda, a woman on the run from her husband who had “become a monster”. She appeared at the house of Bova, the midwife to the High Evolutionary, heavily pregnant and stayed for a few weeks until she gave birth. She then immediately fled into a raging blizzard and was never seen or heard from again. Given her weakened state following delivery, it is assumed that she perished. Whilst at Wundagore Mountain, they were also offered for adoption to the Whizzer when his wife died. He did not accept them, but thought that they were his children.

Poor but loved, the twins enjoyed a relatively happy childhood until their family was killed by local villagers angered at Django for stealing food. Using his new found powers, Pietro was able to rescue Wanda. Orphaned, the twins wandered Eastern Europe, constantly on the move as Wanda’s uncontrollable hex powers would draw suspicion from the people around them. One day Wanda accidentally set a house on fire, spurring the locals to attack the twins. Despite his best efforts, Wanda and Pietro were trapped until rescued by Magneto.

Feeling that they owed him a debt, they reluctantly joined the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants. Magneto played on their fear of outsiders and Wanda’s gratitude, but neither twin was comfortable as a terrorist. Pietro always made his disapproval known and repeatedly stated that he stayed only for his sister’s sake. Wanda was more compliant, feeling indebted to Magneto, but was deeply unhappy and often shocked by Magneto’s callous behavior. Whilst in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, both Toad and Mastermind would often play for Scarlet Witch's feelings, and so Quicksilver would stand between her and them. Unconsciously however, both twins absorbed Magneto’s attitude of mutant superiority, which would occasionally surface form time to time in their lives. When Magneto was taken from Earth by the Stranger, Pietro and Wanda ended their association with the Brotherhood and returned to Europe.

Director Results

Director Total Votes: 2

  1. 1. Peter Jackson 50% 
  2. 2. Matthew Vaughn 50% 

Cast Results

Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff Total Votes: 4

  1. 1. Jude Law 25% 
  2. 2. Paul Wesley 25% 
  3. 3. Evan Peters 25% 
  4. 4. Ryan Gosling 25% 

Magneto Total Votes: 4

  1. 1. Ian McKellen 25% 
  2. 2. Clive Owen 25% 
  3. 3. Michael Fassbender 25% 
  4. 4. John Slattery 25% 

Crystal Total Votes: 3

  1. 1. Uma Thurman 33% 
  2. 2. Emma Stone 33% 
  3. 3. Annalynne McCord 33% 

Django Maximoff Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Alfred Molina 100% 

Marya Maximoff Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Jane Seymour 100% 

Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff Total Votes: 4

  1. 1. Penelope Cruz 25% 
  2. 2. Eva Green 25% 
  3. 3. Elizabeth Olsen 25% 
  4. 4. Gemma Arterton 25% 

Toad/Mortimer Toynbee Total Votes: 4

  1. 1. Ray Park 50% 
  2. 2. Patrick Fugit 25% 
  3. 3. MacKenzie Crook 25% 

Mastermind/Jason Wyngarde Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Hugh Laurie 100% 

Magda Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Piper Laurie 100% 

Luna Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Kate Hudson 100% 


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