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THE BOLT by Tristan Hartup, Paramount+

(A prequel/spin-off TV series to my Ascendant trilogy.)

Set 40 years before his future protege/adopted son would avenge his murder and honor his legacy by restoring humanity's tarnished faith in superheroes, Robert Ritcher was once a young, mild-mannered yet down-on-his-luck electrical engineer who felt he had nothing to offer the world except disappointment until a bizarre and mysterious accident at his work leaves him to discover that he has gained electrokinesis. This ability allows him to manipulate electrical objects at will, absorb electrical power from anything within an inch of his body, and even generate a wide range of powerful electrical effects and attacks that grow more powerful the more times he uses his abilities, at first, Robert decided to use his newfound powers for personal gain and to get back at the people who wronged him in his life, until his actions caught the attention of Perseus, one of the world's greatest and oldest-living superheroes, who offered him a chance to better himself if he were to allow Perseus to train him and teach him to better master his powers and use them for the benefit of humanity and not let the full potential of Robert's immense powers go to his head and corrupt him. As Perseus is in the midst of putting together an elite team of heroes, Robert happily yet cautiously agrees to join him and is inducted into the team as its seventh member, taking on the persona he calls “The Bolt”.

(Eventually following ten years of his superhero career as the show explores the superhero/supervillain mythos of the Ascendant universe, Robert's relationships with his fellow superhero teammates and his mentor, the various supervillains he had encountered and fought against over the years, and his growing and evolving ideologies about superheroism and ethics, all leading up to the pivotal series of events that caused the human race as well as many other superheroes themselves to lose faith in the very concept of superheroism.)


Robert Richter - a.k.a “The Bolt”, a mild-mannered and down-on-his-luck electrical engineer who gains electrokinesis and becomes part of the superhero team “The Supremacy”.

Vincent Valentine - a.k.a “Perseus”, one of the world's greatest and oldest-living superheroes and the founder of “The Supremacy” who becomes Robert's mentor. (He's the Ascendant universe's equivalent of Superman)

Lousie Langdon - a.k.a “Platinum Angel”, another recruit of The Supremacy and one of Perseus' proteges who possesses superhuman strength and flight and can sprout powerful angel wings and she and Robert become on-and-off-again lovers (As was established in Ascendant: Inheritance).

Sebastian Samuels - a charismatic and intelligent yet infamous billionaire multi-industrialist and philanthropist who leads a secret double-life as the unidentified supervillain known as “The Unstoppable” through the possession of a highly advanced drug that grants him virtual indestructibility, and becomes Robert's arch-nemesis despite keeping his identity so secret he was seen as a mysterious ghostly and undefeatable force of nature.

Aaron Allister - a.k.a “Shadow Knight”, an elite and highly trained vigilante and member of the Supremacy under the guise of a billionaire industrialist. (He's the Ascendant universe's equivalent of Batman.)

Toby Thomas - a.k.a “Rush”, a motor-mouthed and wisecracking member of the Supremacy whose extraordinarily amped-up adrenaline grants him superhuman speed and reflexes, but he eventually turns against the team after he is manipulated by Samuels' influence.

Rosa - A humanoid alien plant-based being who can control all plant life on Earth to her will and a member of the Supremacy.

Joel Johansen - a.k.a “The Elemental”, a member of the Supremacy who can harness the power of all four of Earth's elementals.

Ilia Ivanov - a.k.a “Doctor Fester”, an overzealous mad scientist in league with the soviet union and becomes an adversary of Robert's.

Edward Percy - the founder and warden (at the time this show is set) of The Keep, a high-tech maximum security orbital space-based prison that houses the world's most powerful and dangerous supervillains throughout history.

Yeriox - A mysterious telepathic Lovecraftian alien creature who's both the oldest living inmate at The Keep and the world's first recorded supervillain and a notable adversary of Perseus'.

Bill Win - Robert's best friend and co-worker in electrical engineering and becomes his tech guy once Robert becomes The Bolt.

Director Results

Director Total Votes: 0

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Cast Results

Robert Ritcher / "The Bolt" Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Lewis Pullman 100% 

Vincent Valentine / "Perseus" Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Arnold Schwarzenegger 100% 

Louise Langdon / "Platinum Angel" Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Elizabeth Lail 100% 

Sebastian Samuels / "The Unstoppable" Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Mahershala Ali 100% 

Aaron Allister / "Shadow Knight" Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Jensen Ackles 100% 

Toby Thomas / "Rush" Total Votes: 0

  1. No Votes

Rosa Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Moses Ingram 100% 

Joel Johansen / "The Elemental" Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Alexander Skarsgard 100% 

Ilia Ivanov / "Doctor Fester" Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Alfie Allen 100% 

Edward Percy Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Guy Pearce 100% 

Yeiox (voice) Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Jeremy Irons 100% 

Bill Win Total Votes: 0

  1. No Votes

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