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THE FOURTH WALL by Tristan Hartup

After just graduating from medical school, Jessica Saxon returns to her home town and takes up a job at the local psychiatric institute, having a history of family members with mental illness and experiencing some traumatic incidents of her own, she is determined to help people believing that it could help her deal with her own troubled past. Jessica is eventually assigned to the particularly peculiar case of one Daniel Cross, a recently committed patient who has managed to convince himself that his whole entire life is nothing more than a complete work of fiction. As Jessica continues to work with Daniel, struggling to understand his condition and seek the source of what caused him to think the way he does in order to treat him, she soon finds herself in a very weird position where she too begins to slowly doubt her own reality.

MPA Rating: Rated R for language.


Daniel Cross - A man with a long and complicated history of enduring serious physical and mental torment and pain to the point where he had since convinced himself that his whole existence is nothing but a complete work of fiction as a coping mechanism.

Jessica Saxon - A recent med school graduate and psychologist motivated by her past of dealing with abuse from her undiagnosed mentally disturbed father.

Annabelle Saxon - Jessica's long-suffering and overbearing estranged mother.

Calvin Alverez - A wealthy and abrasive head doctor at the mental institute that Jessica works in, who cares more about the facility's finances than he does about the mental health of the patients there.

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  1. 1. Dakota Johnson 100% 

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