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Logline: The Trollfighters must band together once more when the vengeance-seeking trolls join forces with the psychopathic alt-right to bring chaos to the world during the holiday season.

Plot: The film opens in late June, in a coffee shop, where secretary Miranda Preston is having a conversation with Pollard, one of her colleagues from work. The chat relates to what had happened a week prior: her older brother Matthew and the Trolls' attacks across the globe, and their eventual defeat at the hands of the Trollfighters.

Although Miranda despises her family for their hatefulness and has disowned them for years, she can't help but find herself worried and confused. Out of concern, Pollard tells her to not let her family and what's happened to them haunt her. While driving home at night, a group of people suddenly teleport to where she's at, which causes her to get into a car accident that knocks her out unconscious.

She wakes up in Matthew's now-abandoned mansion in Cuba, in the basement, where she's surrounded by the people that teleported from before, who turn out to be a group of Trolls that have survived the attacks and seek revenge on the Trollfighters for Matthew's death. Emerging out of the shadows is Arnold Thurston, a Troll who was ridiculed a lot by the Trollfighters online in the past.

He tries to talk to her about a proposition, but it takes a long time for the words to come out of his mouth due to his embarrassing social ineptitude and the deeply creepy way he stares at and observes her. The other Trolls quicken up the pace and offer her the chance to avenge Matthew and live up to his legacy, only to discover that she has amnesia and can't remember anything. The film cuts to black.

The opening credits play out over a Supernatural season premiere-style recap of the first film. Intercut with the quick-cut recap is a montage of sequences showing the Trollfighters getting used to being considered world heroes and having acquired a following (especially among marginalized groups), the Supreme Court determining that they're not guilty of any collateral damage, TV news reporters discussing their popularity, people on social media either praising or lambasting them, and government officials debating whether what they've done is good for the world or bad, as well as the impact they've had on Internet sites and their rules and policies regarding extremist trolling.

After the credits end, the film cuts to Lackawanna, where it's now the morning of December 23rd, during the wintertime. In their home, Graham Kirkman and Samantha Bell are laying in bed, affectionately cuddling and kissing each other. They've been in a romantic relationship ever since defeating the Trolls and living together for some time now.

The two have a conversation relating to what they'd like to do for Christmas and it's here where it's revealed that Samantha had quit her day-job as a library page after the events of the first film, not wanting to put up with any more discrimination. They kiss a few times more before the film smash-cuts to them in the shower where they have sweet, passionate sex.

In Atlanta, Dani Rivera is living the good life, putting their technological skills to good use by means of inventing amazing devices, some sold in stores for purchase and others used by scientists for groundbreaking experiments. They also lend cash, food, and protective devices (including enhanced weapons) to the poor to give them a chance to defend and provide for themselves and their families and friends.

While at a bar that night, Dani reunites with their high school sweetheart, a Latina woman named Abbie Guerrero, now a slick pool hustler, who plays a game in a one-take sequence. The two share drinks and chat about what they've been up to since the old days. Abbie congratulates them on their heroics and pays for everything before walking to her car to go home. In return, Dani lends her cash, and the spark they once had seems to be reigniting itself again.

In South Central L.A., Alex Wright's video content has grown increasingly popular, what with his being a Trollfighter. He's recently wrapped shooting and editing on a professional horror short film that he's made with his Black and Latinx friends from the first film and has sent copies of it to film festivals, hoping to get it officially submitted to some.

Just like their introduction in the first film, however, they get into trouble with the police, who are typically corrupt and racist, not caring the least bit about Alex being a hero. After one of his friends gets assaulted, Alex uses his teleportation device to get his friends somewhere safe and then uses it to cleverly dodge the officers, who fail to attack him, and even trick them into shooting themselves to death with their own guns, to which the scared citizens watching respond with shock at first, and then applause.

Alex takes his thankful friends out for food and drinks, where he encounters Lindsay Zhao, who recognizes him as one of the Trollfighters and has a friendly chat with him. She tells him how much she enjoys his videos and admires his heroism, which flatters him. A racist jerk then comes to interrupt and harass them. When Lindsay is on her laptop, around the same time, the racist jerk's laptop acts all screwy and buggy, enraging and frustrating him. Alex figures out that she's a hacker and laughs at the prank.

Outside, they talk privately, with Lindsay explaining how she used to work as a networking engineer but quit due to a combination of burnout and being frustrated over working in a toxic workplace environment, and she became a hacker out of frustration that the information people need to know isn't being revealed. She informs him of Miranda Preston's six-month disappearance and has suspected that the Trolls might potentially be planning a return to wreak more havoc upon the world. While Alex has his doubts, he agrees to keep an open mind.

In Boston, Carly Hannah has recently completed her first semester of community college and is less socially awkward than before, having made friends with her classmates. She also works as a Christmas elf at the local shopping mall. While finishing up, she accidentally bumps into a customer, a Tunisian immigrant named Noah Trabelsi. She apologizes and helps him. He recognizes her as being a Trollfighter and asks if he can take a picture with her, which she gladly accepts.

As Noah exits the mall that night, a group of prejudiced right-wing conservatives corner him and beat him for being “part of the problem,” the problem being “contributing” to the War on Christmas. One of them, Clarence Roscoe Dunwitty, goes to his trailer-park home where he's revealed to be an alcoholic, and verbally and physically abusive to his wife and children. Noah goes home to his apartment where it's shown that he's a gay man and having trouble getting over a bad break-up, and as a result, he feels especially lonely this time of year.

Back in Cuba, it's revealed that Miranda, Arnold, and the surviving Trolls have assembled another massive army in the span of six months, consisting of both misogynistic male incels and bigoted white women, and that Miranda has bought into Arnold and the Trolls' belief that Matthew is in the right. Arnold repeatedly tries to make a move on Miranda, only to be rejected each time. Privately, in frustration, he enters Matthew's former chambers and furiously masturbates to a lewd picture of her that he found on her private Twitter.

The following night, back in Lackawanna, while Samantha is off to meet up with a client (she still keeps her other job as a sex worker from the first film), a bored Graham walks through town and watches people skate on an ice rink. He then suddenly gets disturbing text messages from an unknown sender, relating to the Trolls' possible return, which freaks him out.

A masked, hooded figure slowly emerges from the trees and slides a small puck towards part of the ice, where a little girl is skating near it. The figure pulls out a device and pushes a button where the puck sticks onto the ice and shatters it. The girl, who can't swim, falls into the freezing waters. Graham notices and teleports into the water. He grabs onto the girl and teleports back onto the ice, where he calls for help.

The girl's mother, comforting her crying daughter, thanks him for rescuing her and the other skaters recognize him as one of the Trollfighters. Graham sees the figure teleport away, which no one else does, but they do notice the puck next to the girl and Graham picks it up, staring at it, fearing that the Trolls are indeed returning and planning revenge.

As Samantha exits her client's apartment, she too receives disturbing texts. Afterwards, she gets a call from Graham, who urges her to come home immediately. She teleports herself there where she sees a television news report of what happened at the ice skating rink and he shows her the disturbing texts he got as well as the now-disabled puck. He tells her that he thinks the Trolls are back.

Suddenly, Dani and Alex teleport to them as well, both of them also having gotten creepy texts, with Alex telling them about the info he got from Lindsay. They all teleport Carly's bedroom in Boston to meet up with Carly and warn her about what's to come. Like the rest of the Trollfighters, she has received unsettling text messages. The film then cuts to Cuba where Arnold is revealed to be the one sending them.

All five Trollfighters officially reunite and they tell Carly about their suspicion that the Trolls have returned for vengeance. They teleport back to their respective homes just as Carly goes to bed, sleeping uneasily. The following morning, Carly, not having gotten much sleep because of worries about the Trolls and looking awfully pale, is comforted by her supportive parents during breakfast.

As they eat, they hear a strange noise outside. Carly's father looks outside and realizes that it's an army of Trolls who have teleported there, and that it's happening all over again. The Troll army launches a sonic cannon at them, tearing up the front of the house, heavily injuring Carly's father, and sending both her and her mother to the ground. As Carly struggles to get up, a Troll teleports to right in front of her, who turns out to be Miranda. Carly teleports her parents to the basement before teleporting back to get in a fight with the Trolls, which tears apart more of her home. Even the family pet tabby cat, Zelda, gets in on the action by noticing Carly being attacked and defending her by biting and scratching the Troll to death.

Miranda then brutally body-slams her onto the kitchen table, breaking it. She warns her that this is only the beginning before teleporting away. Carly goes back to her parents and notices that her father is losing a lot of blood. She teleports them to the hospital to get him treated. Carly's mother thanks her and reassures her that she trusts her to do what she knows she has to do, hugging her and giving her a kiss goodbye. Carly teleports away, leaving her parents alone in the hospital.

Back in South Central, Lindsay meets back up with Alex at his apartment, where he tells her about the texts that he was sent. Carly teleports there, meeting Lindsay for the first time, and tells them about what happened at her house and to her parents, confirming that the Trolls have indeed come back. Just as Lindsay takes this in, her laptop acts buggy. It's been hacked into by the Trolls, as is Alex's desktop and most of the computers in the country. The Trolls plant a message, their catchphrase: “Long live the Trolls,” with the “Troll-o-lol” song playing. After it flashes several more times, Lindsay's laptop's CPU overheats and it catches on fire, scaring them, with Alex putting it out with a fire extinguisher.

Back in Atlanta, Dani is attempting to work on an enhanced supercar, but finds theirself struggling, haunted by the thought of the Trolls coming back. Abbie comes by to visit them. She tells them that since she saw news of them being a Trollfighter as well as their meeting again at the bar, she found herself not being able to stop thinking about them. The former lovebirds walk outside and start talking about their past relationship and what exactly led to its end. What starts as a friendly conversation slowly turns into an argument.

Unbeknownst to them, camouflaged Trolls teleport to the neighborhood they're in and manage to rig every other house with strange-looking devices. In the middle of the argument, the houses explode in glorious destructive fireballs, blowing up in flames and instantly killing everyone inside them. Dani realizes the Trolls have returned and convinces Abbie to come with them and let them get her to safety by teleporting both of them away.

Back in Lackawanna, while Samantha is out buying groceries, at their home, Graham is observing a little box that he keeps discretely in a drawer. He opens the box and a wedding ring is inside, revealing that he plans to propose to her. After posting a new article to his blog, he turns on the TV and pours himself a glass of whiskey. As he drinks, he flips through channel after channel until it begins acting buggy.

The TV goes to static until it morphs into an image of Arnold and Miranda at their base in Cuba. They make an official live announcement that the Trolls have returned for vengeance, not just against the Trolls but also against those who supported their actions, ending it with showing footage of cities currently under attack, including parts of Lackawanna, horrifying Graham.

Carly, Alex, Lindsay, Dani, and Abbie all teleport where he's at and they all go to the store Samantha's at to warn and save her. But once they're there, they see the place is already made a mess of by the Trolls, who find them and start thrashing them before Samantha teleports and fends them off swiftly in hand-to-hand combat. When more Trolls arrive, they fight them off and teleport, finding themselves in another store: the mall Carly works at.

While there, the Trollfighters bump into Noah and come into contact with Clarence and his gang, who act rude and mean-spirited towards them. When Clarence hears someone saying “happy holidays,” this triggers him. He goes into a psychotic rant bashing the Trollfighters for giving into “the liberal agenda” and “forcing” diversity down their throats, referring to them as “the P.C. police.”

He and his gang resort to spewing malicious insults towards them, mocking and belittling them. Noah, having had enough of their prejudice and bigotry, brutally socks him in the face, giving him a black eye and blood-spurting broken nose. Thi initiates a fight between both gangs. Lindsay proves to be particularly adept during the fight, having taken kung fu lessons through her childhood and teen years living in China. The mall shoppers witness the fight and cheer on the Trollfighters.

As the fight ends, the Trolls, including Miranda and Arnold, teleport there and start tearing the mall to smithereens, blowing up stores and various products left and right. While the Trollfighters try to get people out of harm's way, others are decimated by the Trolls, including a mall Santa whose head graphically explodes onto a little girl sitting on his lap and the screaming children, with their parents, waiting in line.

While Arnold watches and enjoys the action, even eating a massive tub of popcorn, Miranda thrashes and murders everyone she comes across, at one point even putting on a glove that allows her to dig into a woman's chest, tear out her heart, and finally crush it into a gory mess. The Trollfighters teleport to a gun store in the mall, which is filled with a lot of very useful weapons.

Noah, Lindsay, and Abbie are all completely freaked out by the situation. The gang is all too sympathetic to their shock and awe as they felt the same way during the first film when they were in the basement in Cuba. They comfort and reassure them before heading out, fully locked and loaded, to stop the Trolls.

They go in guns-a-blazing, as they also put their teleportation devices to good use as a means of avoiding civilian fatalities at their hands. Noah hits a Troll in the head with the butt of the shotgun he carries. This sends the Troll stumbling into a wooden shelf where a sharp, broken part goes right through his head and impales him. The film enters an extended, energized one-take sequence showing off the Trollfighters' diverse fighting styles as they off the Trolls in incredibly bloody ways, as all sorts of things shatter and explode around them.

Miranda teleports to where they're at and the gang takes turns fighting her off, having a difficult time doing so. After finishing up his popcorn, Arnold decides to join in on the action too. He's especially aggressive towards the women (and Dani too), but eventually, he gets socked in the jaw by Lindsay and Carly stomps on his genitals.

Miranda grabs Graham and throws him onto a shelf, causing it to fall and break. Then, she grabs Alex and choke-slams him onto a glass table, shattering it into pieces. Dani fights off a Troll who teleports right behind them, and just when she's about to get the finishing blow, Abbie shoots her in the back of the head with a shotgun, defending Dani and causing to blood splatter all over their face. Miranda tries to choke her to death, but Samantha sets her face on fire by lighting a spray can.

The Trollfighters frequently teleport to find everyone in the mall who's still alive and get them out of there. Outside, Dani comforts Abbie, who vomits from the shock and trauma of having killed a Troll and witnessing the deaths of dozens of people. As the Miranda and a pained Arnold teleport out of the mall (accidentally taking Clarence and his gang with them), it blows up in a gigantic fireball, causing it to completely collapse, sending debris everywhere. The surviving mall shoppers realize too late that the Trolls have rigged all of the cars in the parking lot with explosive devices, causing them to collectively blow up, the sight of which horrifies the Trollfighters.

Back in Cuba, Miranda is none too pleased that she brought Clarence and his gang with them. However, Arnold feels that they could be useful. When Clarence makes a misogynistic comment at her, Miranda violently squeezes his testicles until he reluctantly apologizes. He tells him and his gang about what the Trolls stand for and their war against the Trollfighters. Clarence likes what he hears and his gang immediately agrees to help.

The Trolls and Clarence's gang come to a mutual understanding of each other when Clarence tells Miranda and Arnold about his being “discriminated” by the P.C. “disease” over the years, such as losing his job at a meat factory over his racism, being kicked out of a bar over complaining about a gay couple kissing, and going on a near-murderous rampage over a coffee shop employee saying “happy holidays” to him.

Back in America, the Trollfighters teleport to New York, where they fought the Trolls in the first film. They see that the city is in ruins and people are screaming and running for their lives, trying desperately to find places to hide. The film enters a grim, depressing montage of the team walking around town as they take in the wanton destruction that the Trolls have caused surrounding them. Needing a relief from all the chaos, they find an abandoned movie theater and enter inside, where they grab some food and drinks and talk more about their personal lives.

Lindsay reveals that things with her family haven't been all that good for a while, and not just in regards to her hacking. She confesses that she's asexual and came out a while ago, crediting the team as an inspiration. But she was met with uncomfortable questions as well as snorts of derision by her family, which saddened her. The team reassures her that she's valid.

Noah tells everyone about his break-up and how he's been having trouble coming to terms with it, even going as far as to say that it's making him start to hate the holidays. Graham sympathizes with him as a former boyfriend harshly humiliated and dumped him during his freshman year of college just before winter break, which made him bitter during the holidays, but he eventually moved on and decided to not let that act of cruelty turn him into someone he hates.

Dani and Abbie discuss their former high school relationship and they come to realize that the blame for its downfall doesn't lie on one side of the coin. It lays on both of them for making mistakes that could've easily been avoided. They find it in their hearts to admit this as well as to just let bygones be bygones, especially given the situation they're currently in and what's at stake.

While Samantha heads off to the ladies' restroom, Graham pulls out the ring from his pocket and tells everyone that he was planning to propose to her on Christmas Day. He makes them promise not to tell her and keep it a secret, to which they comply. As Samantha returns and Graham discretely puts the ring back in his pocket, Alex reveals he still has a print of the horror short film he made at his apartment.

He teleports there, finds and retrieves it, and teleports back, offering to show it to them. He plays it for everyone on the projector in one of the auditoriums and they enjoy it immensely, much to his delight. Dani and Abbie sweetly hold each other's hands during the screening. As the team walks out of the auditorium and shower Alex with praise, a Troll teleports behind him and points a gun at him.

Alex sees that it's Miranda, seeing her up close for the first time and recognizing her as Matthew's sister that Lindsay told him about. As Miranda threatens him, Lindsay, having previously read up and gathered everything she can about her prior to the attacks, realizes that she has insomnia and is being corrupted and taken advantage of by the Trolls. When she tries to tell her the truth, Miranda is increasingly agitated and fires a shot at a ceiling to show that she isn't playing games.

The rest of the Trolls teleport there as well, with Clarence staring at the Trollfighters with smugness and Arnold putting his arms around her and kissing her cheek in a way that he thinks is affectionate, but to those with common sense, is actually very unsettling. He asks the team if they remember him and the “torment” they've caused him, to which Samantha insults him.

Arnold doesn't take well to her reply, angrily shouting his username from the forum they used to be a part of. Dani puts the pieces together from that, recognizing him as an entitled, insecure, bitter virgin who frequently made gross and misogynistic posts. This makes the Trollfighters remember now, with Carly recalling a miserable memory she had long forgotten until now: Arnold, in response to a picture she had posted, referring to her as “unbangable” due to her having acne at the time (and was also still a minor).

Clarence laughs at this and dismissively refers to them as “sensitive snowflakes,” which Noah and Graham both call him out on as he himself was aghast when someone said “happy holidays” to him at the mall. Clarence, refusing to believe he's in the wrong, pettily spits in Graham's face, which disgusts him. The Trolls then go into sinister monologue mode, warning them that they and everyone else in this world will all die horrible deaths and crumble to dust.

Clarence, however, is against the idea of the entire world being destroyed, merely because that would mean America would be lost and he firmly believes America is superior to all other countries. He and the other Trolls get into a moronic argument about it, which bores and frustrates the Trollfighters so much that they teleport away from them just to stop listening to their nonsense. The Trolls are angered by this.

The Trollfighters end up where Graham used to live: Chicago, which is still mostly intact. Abbie says all the teleporting is starting to give her a headache and make her feel lightheaded. However, it turns out they accidentally brought Arnold with them, who starts a fight with them. The fight gradually escalates into a crazy series of events where he and the team continuously accidentally teleport into other locations (houses, stores, restaurants, factories, prison cells, and the sky from which they fall) whilst battling.

The fight climaxes and leads to directly another fight at the police station, where Arnold shoots a cop just for the fun of it and teleports away, leaving the rest of the cops (all of whom are white cis het men) to believe that it was one of the Trollfighters who shot him, thus the Trollfighters fight their way through them in another one-take sequence. The cops are offed in increasingly grisly ways, and by the end, every cop in the station is dead. Thanks to a computer glitch, all the jail cell doors open and everyone in their cells (all of whom are persons of color who haven't actually done anything wrong) are free to walk away and be with their families just in time for the holidays.

The Trollfighters then teleport away from the station, finding themselves on a bus, much to the passengers' and driver's surprise. But Arnold, Clarence, and the rest of the Trolls teleport to where they're at and the driver is graphically shot and killed, his body flailing out of the seat and exiting the bus. This initiates yet another set-piece, with Samantha taking over as the driver and trying her best to keep the passengers safe and calm.

Miranda teleports, operating a tank and causing plenty of mayhem and destruction on the streets. The rest of the Trolls ride on motorcycles with machine gun turrets attached to them, blasting away gleefully. While Samantha is busy driving, the rest of the Trollfighters fight the Trolls off, teleporting and hopping across numerous vehicles. In one instance, a Troll dangles onto one car's passenger door and both his head and the door are taken clean off by a street sign, with the headless body rolling wildly among the pavement, causing others to fall and trip.

A Troll shoots two of the bus tires, which causes the vehicle to go out of control and flip upon colliding with a truck. Luckily, as the bus lands back on top, the passengers and Samantha are still safe. However, Miranda teleports and blast the bus in half, causing a majority of the passengers to get killed.

A Troll on a motorcycle teleports and shoots Samantha in the shoulder, which causes her to trip, fall off the bus, and scrape her knee, lying on a sidewalk in pain. The Troll, not paying attention the road, ends up hitting a lamppost. The impact kills her brutally and causes the lamppost to fall on and flatten the front half of the bus. Samantha teleports and is reunited with Graham on top of a minivan, who sees that she's hurt. But the van collides with one of the Trolls' bikes and they fly into the air.

In slow-motion, the rest of the Trollfighters teleport, come to their aid, and they all hold each other's hands as they teleport away, just as the Troll gets killed by landing on top of another car and smashing its windshield. Miranda then teleports and blows the car up with the tank. The Trollfighters end up at a location that appears similar to the basement where most of them were held captive in the first film.

They're surrounded by a group of young people, one of whom runs up the stairs to alert someone of their presence. A woman comes down to see, pausing and looking surprised. She slowly approaches them. The woman is revealed to be Graham's maternal aunt Janet Lynwood, who hugs him warmly as they haven't seen each other in a very long time. It turns out the location they're in is a shelter for young LGBTQIAP+ people who are in dire need of food and a place to stay and sleep. Janet runs the shelter along with her younger wife Vivian, a former physician who helps treat Samantha, which she's thankful for.

While the rest of the Trollfighters get acquainted with the sheltered, who all have great admiration for what they've done, Graham reconnects with Janet. She tells him that she's proud of him and also that he and Samantha are lucky to have each other. He tells her about his plan to propose to Samantha and confesses that he's been thinking back and forth over whether he should stick with his initial idea or, given what's happening recently, wait until later. He wants get the timing right and wants to give Samantha a special Christmas. Janet, sympathetic, says that he should listen to what his heart tells him is right.

Dani shows everyone the supercar they were planning on building prior to the attacks and has now been thinking of ideas on how to utilize it as a weapon to help stop the Trolls. Noah, liking the sound of that, suggests that he can help if they need any. He knows all about taking things apart and putting them back together and also has a steady job at a construction site, so he knows how to lift, move, and operate heavy equipment.

As Graham rejoins his friends, Janet feels they deserve a break, at least for a little while, after what they've been through all day. As a means of lightening the mood, Vivian brings out a record player and starts playing a song. Vibing with the jam, the sheltered start dancing and the Trollfighters join in on the fun, in yet another one-take sequence.

Graham and Samantha dance with one another romantically, as do Dani and Abbie, Janet and Vivian, and some of the sheltered who happen to be couples. As the song ends, Dani goes up to Vivian and whispers something in her ear. Vivian then pulls out another record and puts it into the player. Another song plays as Dani starts a romantic slow-dance with Abbie. As the song ends and fades out, the two go for an extended, lingering, soft kiss.

Meanwhile, on a rooftop, Arnold and Clarence get into an incredibly petty, hypocritical fight over which one is more useless than the other. As Miranda watches, she begins having sudden brief flashbacks to her past, which confuses her. Annoyed by all the rambling, she beats up both Arnold and Clarence, which ends up displeasing Arnold.

Just before they get into a brawl, Miranda accidentally teleports into the house she used to live in before meeting up with the Trolls. As she walks around her former home, she looks over various photos, such as her hanging out with friends in high school and college, as well as a newspaper article she comes across relating to Matthew and how he was labeled a terrorist. She continues having sudden, brief glimpses into her past.

This culminates in a flashback where she, after graduating from high school, legally disowns her family. Her argument with her father Sheldon comes to an end when she kicks him in the groin and he cuts her out of his will. This leads into another flashback of Miranda at her home, changing channels until she stops at Matthew's live rally from the first film and watches it in absolute horror. Then, she remembers the car accident, the Trolls taking her in, and all the people she's killed recently.

Finally remembering everything and horrified that she's become a murderer like her brother, as tears well up in her eyes and stream down her face, she puts the gun she's been carrying in her mouth and tries to commit suicide. However, she can't bring herself to pull the trigger. Her horror, devastation, and guilt begin to morph into seething rage and fury, utterly livid that she has been lied to, manipulated, and made into someone she hates all this time.

While Noah goes with Dani to their still-intact home to help them with the supercar, the rest of the Trollfighters are sharing a meal with sheltered. Alas, the meal is interrupted by the arrival of the teleporting Trolls, which even our heroes admit is starting to get repetitive. Arnold says Miranda is of no more use to the Trolls, eventually rambling on in a grossly misogynistic, sexist rant.

However, in the middle of his tiresome threatening monologue, he's suddenly shot in both shoulders while the other Trolls he's brought with them are shot and killed. The shooter's revealed to be Miranda, who also teleported. Arnold views this as a betrayal, while Miranda calls him out for what he and the Trolls have done to her following her car accident. She tries shooting him again before he teleports away.

She tells the Trollfighters that she's on their side now and says that although she knows she can't be forgiven for the things she's done, if she does nothing to stop the Trolls' reign of terror and destruction, then she won't be able to forgive herself. The Trollfighters, although reluctant at first, understand and they agree to help each other. Carly volunteers to stay at the shelter to keep everyone safe in case more Trolls teleport there.

The rest of them, along with Miranda, teleport onto the streets of Chicago, bringing the dead Troll bodies with them. They see that Chicago is being torn and blasted apart to smithereens by the Trolls, and we cut to the rest of the country also being attacked. Vehicles explode, bodies hit the floor, blood splatters onto the snow, stores are destroyed, and buildings collapse. Clarence has a whale of a time wasting all his ammo on the “snowflakes.” Arnold is having even more fun tearing up the city with his attack helicopter, at one point literally orgasming over it, which threatens to take down the chopper.

Like before, the Trollfighters fight off the army of Trolls by teleporting to various parts of the city. Some Trolls teleport to the shelter, where Carly dukes it out against them in swift hand-to-hand combat, while Janet and Vivian quickly get everyone else upstairs to safety. Carly's fight against the Trolls ends with her teleporting back onto the streets with one of the Trolls and sticking a grenade into his stomach, which causes the upper half of his body to explode.

Back at Dani's garage, they and Noah finally get done with the supercar, which is weaponized with machine guns, rocket and missile launchers, and flamethrowers, and all the glass is bulletproof. They go for a drive and teleport to Chicago to meet up with the Trollfighters and join them for the fight against the Trolls. Samantha and Abbie are fighting some at a convenience store. When they got knocked out, the Trolls are blasted into bloody paste by the supercar's guns. However, a Troll arrives and kidnaps Abbie by teleporting with her to the basement in Cuba. Samantha tells Dani to get her while she rides off in the supercar with Noah.

Dani fights off another arriving gang of Trolls, who seem to get the upper hand, and their threats towards them are intercut with the Trolls dragging a screaming Abbie by her hair to the chamber where Miranda woke up. When a Troll sinisterly threatens that horrible things will be done to Abbie, that sends Dani into a rage. Dani fights off and kills all the Trolls in the store and teleports to the mansion where they eliminate a large majority of the Trolls there, in another one-take sequence. They rescue Abbie and together, they kill off all the remaining Trolls in the mansion before kissing and teleporting back to Chicago.

Samantha and Noah, in the supercar, shoot and eliminate a bunch of Trolls on motorcycles. Afterwards, Dani trades places with Samantha. At the meat factory Clarence was fired from, Lindsay fights off a Troll and kicks him into a meat grinder. Graham, Alex, and Miranda face off against the rest, with the lattermost hanging one on a noose. Back in the supercar, they manage to shoot Arnold's helicopter, which sends him hurtling down. When Noah sees that a screaming little girl is in danger of being crushed, he teleports and quickly moves her out of the way.

Arnold teleports away before the helicopter goes down and explodes. Clarence and his gang start to jump on and try to bash the supercar, but Dani and Noah ride off and spin frequently, getting them to fly off and get killed by hitting other cars' windshields or getting sent into stores where glass-cutting and blunt force trauma do the trick. Clarence still hangs on to the car as they teleport to the top floor of another mall, an empty one. Noah uses the flamethrowers to get Clarence off, which sends him falling onto the star on top of a Christmas tree, impaling him through his heart and killing him.

Dani and Noah teleport back to the streets where they park the supercar and get out to help their friends, with Carly coming to join them as well. In a final battle, the Trollfighters reunite to eliminate all of the remaining Trolls. However, Arnold returns, stabbing Graham in the back and through the stomach with a pole, lifting him up into the air, the sight of which horrifies our heroes. Samantha begs him to stop, but he threatens to blow her brains out.

Miranda teleports, takes his gun and shoots him in both o his legs, crippling him and making him scream in agony. She then blows his head clean off with the gun, sending it flying into an empty restaurant. The Trollfighters tell Miranda that they forgive her. This, along with killing Arnold, allows her to forgive herself as well. Knowing that the rest of the country won't, she teleports away, off to somewhere unknown.

The Trollfighters have successfully ended another war with the Trolls, hopefully the very last one. The surviving citizens come out of hiding to rejoice in the fact that it's over, and Carly even teleports to bring out Janet, Vivian, and the sheltered. Upon realizing that it's midnight and now officially Christmas Day, Graham, in spite of his pain from being stabbed, gets down on one knee in front of Samantha, takes out the ring from his pocket, and pops the question. Samantha's eyes get watery before she happily accepts his proposal and the two kiss.

The film ends with a montage: Carly reunites with her parents and is informed that her father's going to be okay, Dani and Abbie have sex at the former's house, Alex retrieves the copy of his short film from the empty theater and gets news of it being successfully accepted into festivals, Noah bumps into a man and they get each other's phone numbers, Lindsay reconciles with her family who now accept her asexuality, Janet and Vivian gets work done at the shelter, Miranda secretly leaves Clarence's family money to get themselves a better life and home after his death, and Samantha takes care of Graham and sweetly kisses him in bed. The film cuts to black and the end credits roll.

Soundtrack: “Fame” by David Bowie, “All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You” by Heart, “Heartbreaker” by Led Zeppelin, “Hold the Line” by Toto, “Wonderful Christmastime” by Paul McCartney, “Last Christmas” by Wham!, “Start Me Up” by The Rolling Stones, “Fight Fire with Fire” by Metallica, “The Trooper” by Iron Maiden, “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas, “Hells Bells” by AC/DC, “Something to Talk About” by Bonnie Raitt, “Waiting for a Girl Like You” by Foreigner, “Waiting for the Worms” and “Stop” by Pink Floyd, “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” by Journey, “I'm Still Standing” by Elton John, “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, and “This Christmas” by Donny Hathaway.

Director Results

Director Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Dawson Joyce 100% 

Cast Results

Graham Kirkman Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Hayden Christensen 100% 

Samantha Bell Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Jamie Clayton 100% 

Dani Rivera Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Indya Moore 100% 

Alex Wright Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Caleb McLaughlin 100% 

Carly Hannah Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Sophie Giannamore 100% 

Abbie Guerrero Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Alexa Demie 100% 

Noah Trabelsi Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Marwan Kenzari 100% 

Lindsay Zhao Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Tang Wei 100% 

Janet Lynwood Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Wendy Crewson 100% 

Clarence Roscoe Dunwitty Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Neil Casey 100% 

Arnold Thurston Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Noah Segan 100% 

Miranda Preston Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Carey Mulligan 100% 

Musical Score Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Elliot Goldenthal 100% 

Film Editing Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Christian Wagner 100% 

Cinematography Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Christopher Doyle 100% 


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