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Imagine Casting

ARE YOU THERE by Tristan Hartup

In the midst of a sudden viral outbreak, people of the world are required to socially distance themselves and to isolate themselves in their own homes in order to prevent the infection from spreading further. Among these, two strangers from separate places across the globe: Young introverted American photographer Todd Nichols, and extroverted British aspiring concert violinist Nina Galloway, are enduring their periods of self-isolation, and with the sense of boredom and cabin fever growing more and more intense for the both of them, one day they suddenly find themselves standing face to face with each other. Somehow, Todd and Nina are sharing a psychic link which enables them to see and talk to each other, at first they're under the assumption their self-isolation is causing them to lose their sanities, but over the course of time they gradually begin to accept their situation and use this opportunity to get to know each other, and they eventually end up falling in love with each other but are heartbroken because their connection doesn't allow them to make physical contact, so now they're counting the days until when the pandemic might cease and they would finally be able to meet each other in person.

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for thematic elements, sexual references and brief strong language.


Todd Nichols - A young introverted American photographer who's unlucky when it comes to love and relationships.

Nina Galloway - An extroverted British aspiring concert violinist who feels she is being held back by her mild case of OCD.

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Cast Results

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  1. 1. Timothee Chalamet 100% 

Nina Galloway Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Anya Taylor-Joy 100% 


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