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BILLY by Tristan Hartup

On the outside, Billy Banning just seems like a normal and blandly average young man, he's smart, well-organised and generally tries to be as friendly as he can despite his tendencies to be extraordinarily shy, awkward and overall quite cowardly towards nearly everyone and everything around him, and has a solid job working the night shift as a hospital janitor. But among all his fears in life, his greatest one happens to be himself, as Billy as a secret that he has been hiding for almost a hundred years, that he is in fact what many people would perceive as a vampire. If anything, Billy has no real idea of how this had happened to him because by all accounts he was born a normal human baby to normal human parents, but it wasn't until from his early childhood to his teenage years that the vampiric symptoms slowly began to appear: his negative response to sunlight, seemingly inhuman abilities and an unquenchable thirst for blood, and officially by the time of his 20th birthday, he stopped ageing and has spent the next 100 years travelling the globe, cursed to be forever young, forever in fear of day, and forever alone, all while constantly searching for a place to belong and obsessively craving one the one thing he fears he may never have: to simply live a normal life. Also, he has been trying his best to suppress his carnivorous vampire nature by any means and wanting to see if there are others like him so he could finally understand how he came to be and if there's a possible chance he can find a cure. But eventually, events will be set in motion that will cause his secret to be revealed and he must finally face all the fears that have been holding him back.

MPAA Rating: Rated R for some bloody violent content, language including sexual references, and brief nudity.


Billy Banning - Protagonist, a 120-year-old shy, awkward, cowardly, and lonely vampire who seeks to just be normal.

Eliza Lochard - A strong-willed yet somewhat sassy yet ultimate kindhearted part-time nurse and aspiring author who works at the same hospital as Billy and also becomes his only friend in addition to the two of them slowly beginning to fall for each other.

Henry Elliot - A 70-year-old psychotic vampire hunter who had been obsessively searching for Billy since a brief yet unpleasant encounter between the two of them many years before.

Abe Lochard - The hospital's chief haematologist and Eliza's very unforgiving and estranged father.

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