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An young introvert teenager with high-functioning Autism who refuses to socialize with other people after being builled when he was a young kid and he just want to focus on his school stuff to get the hell out of here as he just want to be alone until he reunited with his old friends from his past who happens to be his imaginary friends and help him to regained his imagination or else they will be gone forever.

Climax scene: After learning about Raven, Luna and Roxy are gone forever because he was unable to regained his imagination, Vincent doesn’t take this news very well and decides to commit suicide because he failed them. He found a mountain and he grab his gun and he says to Axel “Axel, if you hearing this, I failed them…. I failed them, Axel! I couldn’t regained my imagination and now they’re gone! I bet they are disappointed in me for this. I can’t forgive myself and that’s why I got this gun to put the end of my miserable life. Goodbye Roxy….. Goodbye Luna….. Goodbye Raven.” Vincent put his gun on his mouth and he was about to pull a trigger when Raven appear out of nowhere and take a gun away from Vincent and she slap him before she proceed to hug him. She tearfully says “Please, don’t kill yourself! I can’t bear of losing you!”. Vincent ask her “I thought you’re gone forever” and Raven says “There’s no way I can’t be forgotten because your memories of me are too strong to forgot about.” And then…. Luna appear and start to cry and begging Vincent to not kill himself and proceed to hug him. Vincent realizes that despite being unable to regained his imagination, he can’t forget about his imaginary gals as his memories of them are too strong to forget about. Roxy also appear out of nowhere and punch Vincent for trying to kill himself and proceed to hug him “Please don’t you die in front of me! I will use my power if you tries to kill yourself”. Vincent started to cry after he reunites with them and he see a toy car laying on the ground and the car turned into a sport car and Vincent is like “Did I do that?” And the gals realizes Vincent is finally regaining his imagination and Axel appear and he says “Vincent, I always knew you would regained your imagination and the reason of why you lost your imagination because you finally found happiness that you once lost and the happiness happens to be Raven, Luna and Roxy”. Axel tell Vincent that he can keep the gals since they’re source of happiness for him. They wave goodbye to Axel before Vincent use his imagination to transport back to his home along with his imaginary gals

Ending: Vincent and Raven are watching the star and Vincent says “Raven, there’s something I want to say to you” and he tries to say it but he struggles with it because he showing his shyness for the first time and Raven unexpectedly kiss him and she says “My old Vincent is back….. The one that I am in love with”. Vincent smile at her and he says “Raven, I love you”. Raven give him another kiss but longer and more passion. After she kiss him, Luna and Roxy appear and they are jealous of Raven get to be the one who kiss Vincent twice and Luna and Roxy are trying to get Vincent to kiss them but Vincent use his imagination to create a plane to avoid from them and the gals make their own plane to play a game with Vincent and Vincent is having a fun time with them.

Main Characters

Vincent Walker- A cynical introvert teenager with High-functioning Autism who used to be extrovert and always have a lot of imagination until he suffered a lot of bullying to the point he become anti-social with others and lost his ability to imagine stuff. The reason of why he was bullying because they find out that he watch a girl show and bullying him for that reason.

Raven- A mysterious and beautiful Dark-haired imaginary friend of Vincent who like to tease him a lot when he was younger until he become cynical and forgotten about her. When she learn about her and others potentially become forgotten, not only she’s willing to save her and other but she want to Vincent to be himself again as Vincent is not same man as she was in love with.

Luna- A friendly blonde imaginary friend of Vincent who is very goofy person who like to make people laugh but she’s sad about what happens to Vincent and she want the old Vincent back. She does get angry when she and other encounters Vincent’s old bully and call him out for his treatment of Vincent.

Roxy- A grumpy Red-haired imaginary friend of Vincent who is angry with him for forgotten about her and she won’t rest until Vincent regained his imagination. She was aware about what happens with Vincent and she’s angry with herself for unable to protect Vincent and vowed to protect him at any cost.

Hannah Curran- Vincent’s childhood friend who come back to his life after she went away during Vincent’s childhood and she was shocked to see her “Vinny” become completely different person and she’s willing to bring her “Vinny” back. She’s one of few people who find out about Vincent’s imaginary friends and she decides to help them to get Vincent to regained his imagination.

Wyatt Blum- A young teenager who befriend Vincent and he reveals that he always wanted to befriend him but Vincent always avoid him! He’s sympathize with Vincent and he want to be his friend. He’s one of few people who find out about Vincent’s imaginary friends and he is very jealous about it.

Ezra Mills- Vincent’s former bully who like to torment him when he was younger and he bullying him for being autistic and liking a girl show. When Vincent encounter him again, Ezra attempt to humiliate him in front of his imaginary friends but Luna beat the shit out of him and other girls join in to protect Vincent from him and Raven use her power to turn him into a cockroach as his punishment for hurting Vincent. Ezra is the most irredeemable and jerkass character and you will hate on this guy for causing so much pain on Vincent.

Mikaela Walker- Vincent’s single mother who treat him as his baby boy and she was the one who transferred him to different school after he suffered from bullying too many time. Vincent is embarrassed by his mother because every student including Wyatt Blum have a huge crush on her and they says she’s better looking than their own mom. She’s one of few people who find out about Vincent’s imaginary friends and she’s okay with it since they are treating her son with kindness and in return, she let them to live at their house so Vincent doesn’t stay in his own room all days.

Patrick Downes- Vincent’s corrupted teacher who despises Vincent and see him as nothing more but a delinquent and he’s trying to get him expelled. Unfortunately for him, he learn the lesson in a hard way when Raven, Luna and Roxy gang up on him after they learn about him trying to expelled Vincent and they transformed him into a monkey and keep him as their pet. Unlike Ezra, Patrick is a joke character and nobody take him seriously.

Axel- The god of Imagination who have been watching Vincent since the day he was born and he tasked Raven, Luna and Roxy to get Vincent to regained his imagination or else they will be forgotten forever. He doesn’t like rule and encourages the girls to protect Vincent from anyone and give them a permission to turn anyone into animals if they tried to hurt Vincent.

Director Results

Director Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Josh Boone 100% 

Cast Results

Vincent Walker Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Asa Butterfield 100% 

Raven Total Votes: 0

  1. No Votes

Luna Total Votes: 0

  1. No Votes

Roxy Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Emma Stone 100% 

Hannah Curran Total Votes: 0

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Wyatt Blum Total Votes: 0

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Ezra Mills Total Votes: 0

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Mikaela Walker Total Votes: 0

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Patrick Downes Total Votes: 0

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Axel Total Votes: 0

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