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Imagine Casting

THE PART by Giovanni Garcia

Two up and coming actors are both vying for a career making role and soon get into a dangerous rivarly where they both attempt to destroy each other physically and mentally in hopes of super stardom.

MPAA Rating: Rated R for crude and sexual content, pervasive language, violence and drug material

Edward Harper- A young and hungry actor who tries to be nice and polite to everyone and wants to be known as the Nicest Guy in Hollywood, Edward is courted for a romance drama epic as the lead and thinks this is his big break but after seeing fellow Actor James Stone attempting to sabotage his chances of getting the role, Edwards optimism and sanity soon begins to fade as he begins to stoop down to James level.

James Stone- A former teen hearthrob who has been struggling to find work since people only see him for his squeaky clean image, James soon adopts a bad boy and rebel persona in order to distinguish himself as a serious actor, when James finds out that Edward is in competition with him for the lead role, James makes it his Mission to make Edward's life a living hell.

Rachel Mitchell- Critical Darling and female leading lady of the production.

George Montogmery- an eccentric and veteran director who's directing the romance epic and wants to be taken seriously as an auteur due to his reputation as a hack for his Battlebots series.
(Motgomery is inspired by Michael Bay)

Brock Favors An arrogant A list movie star who kicks off the war between Edward And James after claiming the business of acting is survival of the fittest in a interview.

Felicity Evans- Edward's Girlfriend who becomes fearful of Edward due to his declining mental state and obsession with destroying James.

Todd Simmons- The Screenwriter for the film who Edward and James both try to befriend in hopes of getting the lead role.

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