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AMBIVERT by Tristan Hartup & Vincent Garcia

Brilliant yet troubled teenage outcast Stan Bright feels like he doesn't belong to any specific clique in his high school, so he spends a lot of his time exploring different cliques and observing them, eventually mapping out and gaining a strong understanding of the function, personalities and social dynamics of each group. But one day, Stan suddenly stumbles up an interesting secret about the school: most of the school's faculty are in fact mystical creatures in human disguises who came to Earth from their realm in search of a dangerous creature that escaped to Earth with one main goal in mind, to destroy everyone and everything both in the human realm and the faculty's realm it deems a threat to its existence and for its own pleasure. But this adapted so well to Earth and its cultures that the faculty has had no luck in it what so ever, but they have determined that the creature has disguised itself as student at the school, and from learning what Stan does being doing, the faculty asks him to use his skills to help them find the creature. Stan reluctantly agrees to do it and so begins to get very close to every student and clique in the school which puts a lot discomfort on him and everyone around him. Stan gains the trust of some of his classmates to help him despite how ridiculous it all sounds but they're curious enough to want to where it's going, but Stan is warned the creature is also highly intelligent and manipulative so he has extremely cautious as to who he can trust.

MPAA Rating: Rated R for language throughout including crude sexual references, bloody fantasy violence and some teen partying.

Special make-up and creature effects by Greg Nicotero & Howard Berger.

(Inspirations: The Breakfast Club, Harry Potter, Mean Girls, The Faculty, Men In Black.)


Stan Bright - Main protagonist, a brilliant but troubled teenage outcast and an ambivert who has extensive knowledge of high school cliques.

Alice McCollins - A sarcastic and cynical goth girl suffering from being raised in poverty, she becomes Stan's love interest.

Helen Kirkland/Hyra - The tough yet golden-hearted school principal and the elven leader the mystical creatures disguised as high school teachers.

Mason Dodd - A dimwitted skater dude who as he much he says he's a great skater, he's actually mediocre at best.

Bruce Roland/Bekkar - The school's hot-headed and arrogant gym teacher who is a minotaur.

Louis Bredrick - A hyperactive nerd who is a wannabe social butterfly.

Rachel Berkeley/Mou - English teacher who is a were-cat.

Eliza Hanson - The school's head cheerleader and the queen bee mean girl who Louis has a hopeless crush on despite her being a bitch.

Wallace Weston/Tyc - The school's vice principal who is a gill-man.

Christian Hollis - The school's star basketball player and a bully who is also Eliza's boyfriend.

Diane Paulson/Ayra - The school's music teacher who is a siren.

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Cast Results

Stan Bright Total Votes: 2

  1. 1. Finn Wolfhard 100% 

Alice McCollins Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Saoirse Ronan 100% 

Principal Helen Kirkland/Hyra Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Tina Fey 100% 

Mason Dodd Total Votes: 0

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Coach Bruce Roland/Bekkar Total Votes: 0

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Louis Bredrick Total Votes: 0

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Ms. Rachel Berkeley/Mou Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Maya Rudolph 100% 

Eliza Hanson Total Votes: 0

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Vice Principal Wallace Weston/Tyc Total Votes: 0

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Christian Hollis Total Votes: 0

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Mrs. Diane Paulson/Ayra Total Votes: 0

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