Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

Battle Of The Planets by Jameson Brewer

The year is 2178 AD. Four passengers board the latest deep space spacecraft, The Phoenix; two athletes, Mark Stewart and Jason Arthur; Susan Harper, the personal representative of Queen Dalinya, who is in charge of the monarch's son, who is growing inside a embriotic chamber, and her older brother, Barry. Without warning, solar winds send the ship heading towards a glowing nebula. The radiation within affects all four of them. Due to the turbulance, the embrionic chamber accidentally falls into the reactor and speeds up the growth of the foetus. The nebula's properties have altered the molecular structure of The Phoenix and its crew; now boasting five. They are rescued and taken back to Earth. Their powers prove useful in helping the head of security, John Anderson, to foil attacks on all Terran colonies by a growing alien menace, The Great Spirit, and his servant, Zultar.

Director Results

Director Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. The Wachowskis 100% 

Cast Results

Mark Stewart Total Votes: 4

  1. 1. Zac Efron 50% 
  2. 2. Chace Crawford 25% 
  3. 3. Topher Grace 25% 

Susan "Princess" Harper Total Votes: 3

  1. 1. Kaya Scodelario 33% 
  2. 2. Ashley Tisdale 33% 
  3. 3. Jennifer Love Hewitt 33% 

Jason Arthur Total Votes: 3

  1. 1. Travis van Winkle 33% 
  2. 2. Craig Horner 33% 
  3. 3. Channing Tatum 33% 

Barry "Tiny" Harper Total Votes: 3

  1. 1. Daniel Franzese 33% 
  2. 2. Doug Brochu 33% 
  3. 3. Michael Chiklis 33% 

Prince Gelan (Keopp) Total Votes: 2

  1. 1. Moises Arias 50% 
  2. 2. Daniel Huttlestone 50% 

The Great Spirit Total Votes: 0

  1. No Votes

Zultar Total Votes: 2

  1. 1. Josh Brolin 50% 
  2. 2. James Spader 50% 

John Anderson Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Esai Morales 100% 

Queen Dalinya Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Corinna Harfouch 100% 

President Matthew Greene Total Votes: 0

  1. No Votes


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