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Imagine Casting

Deadly Reality by Anonymous

Mimi "Vicky" Evans is young widow who lost her husband in the war. She live and works with her eccentric neighbor Joe Stan in Philadelphia. One day a leaving the subway she notice a tall and dark-haired man kept follow her around. He seemed obsessed with her. In her home she keeps seeing spiders on the wall, floor and other parts of the house. She dreamed of holding a baby girl and seeing her late husband. The questing is she dreaming or reality and why Joe and his mysterious partner keeps secret from her.

Inspired by Shutter Island, Mother!, and Repulsion


Mimi "Vicky" Evans: 29-year-old widow, she's shy and quiet. She was really close to her husband Jonathon he bought the best out of her but when he was kill in the war part of Mimi died. Mimi didn't remember the wedding or aftermath of his death; she was befriend with Joe Stan who became her confident & friend. This character suffered from depression and fear of spiders. She kind of like Deborah Kerr in The Innocents & Leonardo DiCaprio in Shutter Island.

Joe Stan: Late 40s-early 50s Vicky's eccentric neighbor/boss/confident/friend. He also overprotective and doesn't want Vicky to start dating or hang around with expectant mothers Vicky believe he's insane. He's mysterious and known about Vicky's tragic past.

Jonathon Evans: Vicky's late husband. Jonathon was kill before story began; he and Vicky were immediately smitten and married ASAP. Vicky keep seeing him in her dreams or wake when he tried to kill her.

Sean: The tall and dark-haired man that kept following Vicky. It reveal he's friend of Jonathon from the war and remember Jonathon once talk about his wife and show a picture of her. He became obsessed of Vicky and later tried to kill her.

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