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THE EMERALD EYE: PILGRIM IN AN UNHOLY LAND by Tristan Hartup and John Silver

Bret Moses Carter is one the trail of a corrupt South African weapons manufacturing company that Core Prime's intel suspects that it is supplying weapons to various terrorist groups and dictators across the globe, weapons that are far more advanced than both Castleton Industries and Winchester Biotech, but Core Prime doesn't have enough evidence to expose the company, but they figure out that the company's main factory is hidden in the small Eastern-European country of Clyavina. Bret also discovers that Clyavina is also the location of the battle that begun the war between the Malekyths and the Aeyons and where the tomb of the original Emerald Eye is located, hoping that he'll finally find answers that will end, Bret requests that he should go there himself, but Core Prime denies it saying the country has had a history of being war-torn, having a possible connection with CHIMERA and for the past 23 years, the country has been rumoured to be ruled by a powerful, mysterious and dangerous being referred to as the “Novum Deus” (Latin for “New God”). Being as arrogant as he is, Bret decides to go alone into Clyavina, but upon arriving, his presence is immediately sensed by the Novum Deus (Who of course is Joel Cooper from “Merciless”) who recognises him as an intruder and sends his forces to take care of him, but eventually decides to handle him himself once he discovers Bret's abilities. While being hunted by the Novum Deus and his forces and him trying to fight back, and while Core Prime is trying to extract him out of the country, Bret attempts to both discover the Emerald Eye tomb and expose the South African weapons manufacturing company's illegal dealings.

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for intense violence and action throughout, disturbing content and language.

(Conclusion: (spoiler alert!) Bret eventually discovers the resting place of the original Emerald Eye, but discovers that it's not a tomb… it's a prison! It turns out that it was the original Emerald Eye who ignited to the war between the Malekyths and the Aeyons, he and the original Crimson Llygad were corrupted by a mysterious unearthly force. Bret locates the weapons company's facility and storms the gates with the Novum Deus hot on his tail. Bret takes out the facility's security, kidnaps the company's CEO and destroys the facility with the Novum Deus inside, Bret interrogates the CEO says that the company is owned by powerful man who claims to be a god of war and because of what happened, he'll be coming for Bret. Novum Deus reemerges from the facility's wreckage, kills the CEO and he and Bret engage in an intense battle for which Novum Deus gains the upper hand and holds Bret captive. This ending will lead into the next Power Crew movie.)


Bret Moses Carter - Main protagonist, a young fugitive with anger issues who possess the soul of an ancient guardian known as “The Emerald Eye”, and possesses superhuman strength and enhanced senses.

Joel Cooper/Novum Deus - Ex-con and former Christian charity worker who became a supervillain and the tyrannical ruler of Clyavina after watching everything he loved be brutally taken away from him and was infected by a a mysterious substance that gave him deadly superpowers. (Joel in this movie is essential the Power Crew universe equivalent of Doctor Doom.)

Jeremy Pierce - The CEO of the corrupt South African weapons manufacturing company, DefenceArt.

Bishop Rasmussen - A mysterious and seemingly ageless man who is the member of the Legion Of The Three Eyes and acts as a mentor for Bret.

Craig Mitchell - A former government supervisor of Time Jumper activity turned founder and director of the top secret government organisation Core Prime.

Agent April Parks - A straight forward, hardworking and no-nonsense taking FBI agent with a Aeyon soul who used to chase Bret but is now trying to prove his innocence.

Director Results

Director Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. David Leitch 100% 

Cast Results

Bret Moses Carter/The Emerald Eye Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Ansel Elgort 100% 

Joel Cooper/Novum Deus Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Ryan Gosling 100% 

Jeremy Pierce Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Andrew Scott 100% 

Bishop Rasmussen Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Michael Shannon 100% 

Director Craig Mitchell Total Votes: 2

  1. 1. Jon Hamm 50% 
  2. 2. Christian Slater 50% 

Agent April Parks Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Olivia Wilde 100% 


  • Rhyder_Hawkman27: Side notes: - Unrelated Note: To those who are recommending to me, stop it! I've tried it and I don't like it! - Some …
  • vin13ish: POST-CREDITS SCENE: DefenceArt's worker told the owner about DefenceArt's facility being destroyed by Bret Moses Carter. "Sir! Your facility is destroyed by one of Power …
  • JohnTyler:

    Rhyder_Hawkman27 wrote:
    Side notes: Unrelated Note: To those who are recommending to me, stop it! I've tried it and I don't like it!

    What don't you …
  • Rhyder_Hawkman27:

    JohnTyler wrote:
    What don't you like about it? Just asking.

    1. I can't edit a story or delete it, I now regret posting my titles on there. …

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