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AN UGLY SHADE OF BLUE by Tristan Hartup

David Torres is a young rookie undercover cop filled with depression and self-doubt ever since a tragic incident on his first day as a cop. Smart and seemingly well adjusted Arthur Hines has been a cop in the Chicago PD for 35 years who's heading towards retirement, even though he's looked at as a prime example of efficient police work, Hines is secretly the city's biggest crime boss whose vast financial knowledge earns him the name "The Banker". As the two are assigned to partner up, everything evolves into an unlikely friendship/dangerous game of cat and mouse all leading to a tense final confrontation.

MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong violence, language throughout, drug use and sexual content.


David Torres - A young rookie undercover cop who has suffered from depression and self-doubt ever since a incident where he accidently killed a family on his first day as a cop. He has a supportive pregnant wife though he's entirely faithful to her.

Arthur Hines - A smart and seemingly well adjusted 35 year veteran on the police force who's heading towards retirement, though he is secretly Chicago's biggest crime boss with supreme financial knowledge under the alias "The Banker".

Melissa Torres - David's pregnant wife.

James Simmons - An internal affairs officer who's investigating David's incident.

Alistair Goode - David and Hines' superior who used to be Hines' partner.

Jen - A prostitute who David frequently visits.

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  • NerdBoy359: Great Title as always

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