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EQUUS by Peter Shaffer

Dr. Martin Dysart, a dissatisfied and disaffected psychiatrist, is faced with a unique case when 17 year old Alan Strang is brought to him for treatment. Alan, a passionate and obsessive horse lover, has blinded six horses, to the horror and surprise of his family. In his efforts to coax Alan out of his shell and treat him, Dr. Dysart begins to unravel the complex psychological puzzle of Alan’s obsessions. Underneath Alan’s complacent manner, Dr. Dysart discovers a fervent, passionate, almost religious power that has both the power to destroy Alan, and perhaps, to save the doctor himself.

MPAA Rating: Rated R for sexual content including unusual behaviour, graphic nudity, language and a scene of disturbing bloody violence.

Supporting Characters:

Hesther Solomon - a court magistrate who is responsible for initially bringing Alan to Dysart for treatment. She appears to show compassion for Alan, and believes that his actions were of those of a misunderstood boy who needs help.

Jill Mason - An outgoing and free-spirited young woman who works at the stables with Alan, and who eventually becomes romantically interested in him. He had been on a date with her on the night of the crime.

Dora Strang - Alan's mother. She is a devout Christian who read Alan passages from the bible throughout his childhood. While she appears to be a caring and loving figure, she also doesn't believe she has done anything wrong with Alan's upbringing.

Frank Strang - Alan's father, who is not religious, and criticises his wife's spiritual views. He acknowledges that Alan has always been strange, and is uncomfortable in many of his interactions with the psychiatrist.

Harry Dalton - Owner of the stable at which Alan and Jill work, and where Alan blinded the horses. During Alan's treatment, Dysart meets with Dalton in an attempt to better understand the circumstances behind what happened.

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  • MovieCriticGamer: Remake Escape From Alcatraz, but set in a kind of modern / futuristic setting.

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