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Imagine Casting

DAVE by Tristan Hartup

A comedy-drama show focusing on the misadventures of short-tempered, cynical and accident prone teenage outsider named Dave. 

TV Rating: TV-MA. 

Other Characters: 

Rebecca - Dave's sexy and loyal longterm best, close and only friend who in fact their relationship resembles that of a married couple. 
Lucille - Dave's neglectful prostitute mother. 
Eddie and Saul - Two persistent skater dudes who try to infiltrate Dave's life. 
Michelle - Sarcastic and mean spirited classmate of Dave and Rebecca's who downsizes Dave a lot. 
Jimmy - Mentally challenged classmate of Dave and Rebecca's.

Director Results

Director Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Michelle MacLaren 100% 

Cast Results

Dave Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Craig Roberts 100% 

Rebecca Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Gabriella Wilde 100% 

Lucille Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Reese Witherspoon 100% 

Eddie Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Will Peltz 100% 

Saul Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Kevin Hernandez 100% 

Michelle Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Taissa Farmiga 100% 

Jimmy Total Votes: 1

  1. 1. Jack O'connell 100% 


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