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Imagine Casting

Couple and Criminal by Aaron Sorkin

A married couple befriend a young criminal who originally held them hostage and attempted to murder them however they make a promise to make him a better man

Main Characters

Blake Nash- 31 years old husband of Jennifer, He is not manly and he use to be shy toward Jennifer. He want to help Ezra to be a better man despite not having experience with criminal before

Jennifer Nash- 31 years old wife of Blake, She is a tomboy and she loves Blake because she thought Blake was cute and she like a shy guy. She willing to protect Blake from Ezra and will beat Ezra up if he tries to kill Blake

Ezra Kidman- 22 years old criminal, He have a bad childhood when his abusive father would raped Ezra's mother and his father murdered her, He once have a girlfriend but she died in a car accident that cause him to become criminal, Ezra is the modern Jean Valjean

Daniel Mann- 43 years old police officer, He want to arrest Ezra for his crime he committed, Daniel is the modern Inspector Javert

Adam Cannon- 37 years old neighbor of Blake and Jennifer, He is a comic relief as he always get scared everytime Ezra was there, He says “Oh Hell No! I ain't dealing with that crazy man! He's scared!”

Marcus Smith- 50 years old former criminal, He is mentor of Ezra who want him to end his criminal life so he can moved on

Natalie Kean- 18 years old deceased girlfriend of Ezra who died in a car accident 4 years ago, She was kind to Ezra and actually want to be with him before her tragic death, Natalie is the modern Cosette/Eponine

Samantha Kidman- 29 years old deceased mother of Ezra who was murdered by Ezra's father when Ezra was 8 years old, Samantha is kind and lovely mother, Samantha is the modern Fantine

Paul Kidman- 64 years abusive father of Ezra and he admit he never care about Ezra or Samantha and he is true villain, He was killed by Ezra

Henry Steiner- 54 years old lawyer of Blake and Jennifer who only appear near at the end when he successfully help Ezra from going to jail and he is played by a very famous actor

Director Results

Director Total Votes: 3

  1. 1. Jonathan Levine 66% 
  2. 2. Anthony & Joe Russo 33% 

Cast Results

Blake Nash (31 years old) Total Votes: 3

  1. 1. Jesse Eisenberg 66% 
  2. 2. Sebastian Stan 33% 

Jennifer Nash (31 years old) Total Votes: 3

  1. 1. Alison Brie 66% 
  2. 2. Taylor Schilling 33% 

Ezra Kidman (22 years old) Total Votes: 3

  1. 1. Dylan O'brien 66% 
  2. 2. Ellar Coltrane 33% 

Daniel Mann (43 years old) Total Votes: 3

  1. 1. Mark Wahlberg 66% 
  2. 2. Mark Ruffalo 33% 

Adam Cannon (37 years old) Total Votes: 3

  1. 1. Kevin Hart 66% 
  2. 2. Paul Rudd 33% 

Marcus Smith (50 years old) Total Votes: 3

  1. 1. Nicolas Cage 66% 
  2. 2. Frank Grillo 33% 

Natalie Kean (18 years old) Total Votes: 3

  1. 1. Sophie Turner 66% 
  2. 2. Shailene Woodley 33% 

Samantha Kidman (29 years old) Total Votes: 3

  1. 1. Natalie Portman 66% 
  2. 2. Krysten Ritter 33% 

Paul Kidman (64 years old) Total Votes: 3

  1. 1. Liam Neeson 66% 
  2. 2. Jim Beaver 33% 

Henry Steiner (54 years old) Total Votes: 3

  1. 1. Brad Pitt 66% 
  2. 2. Bryan Cranston 33% 


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