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Imagine Casting

Latest Titles

My Little Pony: The Movie (Black Actors) by Allspark, Lionsgate

What If My Little Pony: the Movie was Made with Black Actors and Actress

Belly by Hype Williams

If Belly came out today

Big Fat Liar by Universal

What If 2002 Big Fat Liar Frankie Muniz/Amanda Bynes Movie Film Was Released Today?

It (Animated Film) by Stephen King

What if It was made as a animated film with the same people who did Caroline and ParaNorman?

MY THREE SIRENS by Vincent Garcia

A chubby boy’s life is about to be changed when he befriend 3 young female aliens who posed as high school student and he realize those girls are falling in love with him. Main Characters Michael Campbell- A shy chubby boy who always thought he would never get beautiful girlfriends until he meet 3 female aliens who end up as his harem. He nervous around them and is shocked how beautiful girls would hang out with him despite being chubby. Sela- A princess from galactic empire who run away from the home and crash land on earth and she instantly …

BLAST MASTER by Giovanni Garcia

After the events of Galaxy Warriors, Hayden Woldt aka Blast Master has moved to Diamond City on Earth and is viewed as a hero by the public at large. Meanwhile Unhinged and Dangerous Criminal Douglas Adams is subjected to brutal experiments by StarCorp in their attempts to create the next superhuman from scratch unfortunately for StarCorp, a now superpowered and emotionally scarred Adams destroys the facility and begins to terrorize Diamond City under the new alias of Reaper. Hayden realizing he can't defeat Reaper must forge new alliances and armor in order to stop Reaper from plunging Diamond City into …

A Simple Favor (1998) by Lionsgate

A Simple Favor if it came out 20 years earlier

Armageddon (Black Actors) by Michael Bay

What if Armageddon was made with black actors?

X-Men:Apocalypse (2026) by Bryan Singer

made 10 years later

The Great Depression by Doctor Heliotrope

A businessman and hopeful political mind lands himself in D.C. during the Great Depression.

Popular Titles

A Room with a View

what if the 1985 film was released today.

Wonder Woman: The Animated Series

What if Wonder Woman had an animated series like Batman and Superman?

Terror Train

what if the 1980 Horror Movie was released today.


Fancasting Venom 2. This Spider-Man in the sony verse will not be Tom Holland.

The Amazing Spider-Man Duology (alternate cast)

What if The Amazing Spider-Man series 2012-2014 had a different cast


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