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Rush Hour 4 by New Line Cinema

When Senator Leonard is killed by a Chinese dart while visiting Los Vegas, LVPD Deputy Chief Palma hires Carter and Sophia to investigate. Palma also summons Chief Inspector Lee from Hong Kong to Los Vegas since rumors are that Senator Leonard's killer is Chinese. But Palma secretly plotted to solve the investigation in secret so he can get nominated to senator. The suspects are Yuri Vladislav the Russian mob boss, Swat Commander Brad Kent, and Senator Leonard's daughter Fiona Leonard.

Dawn of The Dead (2014) by Zack Snyder

10 years later

Shape of Vengeance/Shape of Justice by Dawson Joyce; Based on Characters from "Halloween" by John Carpenter & Debra Hill

A two-part radical reimagining of the Halloween franchise, inspired by recent events (involving police brutality and corruption, racially charged hate crimes, and protests, riots, and rebellions in the streets) as well as the comic book characters Batman, Daredevil, and The Punisher, and films such as Joker, BlacKkKlansman, Detroit, Queen & Slim, and the Death Wish series among others. Shape of Vengeance After trick-or-treating one Halloween night, innocent six-year-old Michael Myers finds his worldview shattered upon witnessing the deaths of his parents and sister at the hands of corrupt law enforcement. Traumatized to the point of becoming a mute, Michael trains …

Try by Skeeter Hurd, Ned Lowe

A young man gets the best time of his life when he goes on a road trip with his best friends to be there for his pregnant ex-girlfriend. CHARACTER LIST: Ethan - He is a college student. Maureen - She is Ethan's mother. Jack - He is Ethan's father. Mimi - She is Ethan's ex girlfriend. Lindsay - She is Ethan's younger sister. Clarence - He is Ethan's best friend. George - He is Ethan's best friend. Becky - She is Ethan's love interest. Lucy - She is an actress. Mr. Small - He is a professor. Ms. Harvey - …

The Care Bears Movie by Story by Henry Jackman; Screenplay by Jeffrey Price and Peter S. Seaman (Hartnett Entertainment)

What if the Care Bears became a remake ? What would it be like ?

Life and Death at Dubin High by Dawson Joyce

Monica Greer: Lead guitar, lead singer. Jenny Morrison: Bass guitar, backing vocals. Violet Pearce: Drums. Hannah Cole: Piano, backing vocals. Together, these four high school seniors form the all-girls rock-'n'-roll cover band called the Pearls. While attempting to branch out into original music in the days leading up to graduation, the inseparable quartet finds itself becoming involved in a sick and twisted murder mystery at their school, and it eventually becomes more personal for them than they ever could have imagined.

Disney's Back To Oz by L. Frank Baum

With the Wicked Witch of the West now vanquished from Oz, Dorothy is back in Kansas! But not for long as an all-new villain has surfaced from beneath the magical land, the Gnome King! Having captured the Good Witch, the Gnome King and his army are wreaking havoc throughout Oz and need but one item to take control of The Emerald City, Dorothy's ruby slippers! It's up to Dorothy to go Back to Oz and save the land she loves. Shot in motion capture ala The Polar Express.

The Owl House (Live-Action) by Disney

What if The Owl House was Made in Live action

I Am Not Okay With This(2000s) by Netflix

“I Am Not Okay With This” if it came out in the 2000s

Infinity Crisis (Part 51 - Shrek) by Alex Luthor

A large paradox surrounds space and time itself as not only do The Avengers face the X-Men and Justice League, but… everyone!

Popular Titles

The Dark Knight Returns

Bruce Wayne / Batman returns to Gotham City to take on the Riddler.

Mr Magoo

An eccentric billionaire defeats mug of thefts in his unusual rambling manner.

Ballad for the Brokenhearted

An original jukebox musical that follows the lives and daily struggles of two lost young …

Anna and the King

The story of the romance between the King of Siam and widowed British elementary teacher, …

Bleach The Movie: Hell Verse (Live-Action)

What if Bleach: The Movie Hell Verse was Made a Live Action


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