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After entering the Galaxies Racing Federation and fighting alongside the galaxies greatest heroes in the Galaxy Warriors, Jake Douglas is now focused on finding his father and following his dreams of becoming the galaxy's best racer. Things go well for Jake at first he's winning all his races, is at the top of his classes, and his even warming up to SPARK and Natalie Weaver. Until everything comes crashing down around him as Jake discovers that something sinister is going on in the Galaxies Racing Federation and a mysterious racer who turns out to be Jake's long lost father, Ethan …

THE PART by Giovanni Garcia

Two up and coming actors are both vying for a career making role and soon get into a dangerous rivarly where they both attempt to destroy each other physically and mentally in hopes of super stardom. MPAA Rating: Rated R for crude and sexual content, pervasive language, violence and drug material Edward Harper- A young and hungry actor who tries to be nice and polite to everyone and wants to be known as the Nicest Guy in Hollywood, Edward is courted for a romance drama epic as the lead and thinks this is his big break but after seeing fellow …

Bloodshot by Skeeter Hurd

A hitman's life has been turned upside down when he tries to protect a teenage girl from violent criminals after his family is murdered. CHARACTER LIST: Tommy - He is a mentally ill assassin. Audrey - She is a runaway. David - He is a homeless man who befriends Tommy. Jen - She is Tommy's girlfriend. Henry - He is Tommy's son. Lucy - She is a prostitute. Ben - He is a drug dealer. Kate - She is Audrey's mother. Paul - He is Audrey's father. Frank - He is the main villain. MPAA Rating: R for strong violence, …

MORPH FIGHTER by Giovanni Garcia

Genetics Scientist, Duncan Watterson is doing an experiment on slicing human and animal DNA together when he accidentally bumps into a vat of chemicals that rearranges his molecules and gives the ability to morph into different animals. Duncan is at first horrified by his new powers but he learns to harnesses his abillites and uses them to fight crime and he soon creates the identity of Morph Fighter. Hunter, Driscoll Hunter is losing his popularity and he blames it on Duncan and he soon engages in an insane and humorous cat and mouse game with Morph Fighter. After a video …

Mr. 3000 by Eric Champnella

What If 2004 Mr. 3000 by Bernie Mac Movie was Release Today?

Ghost World by Terry Zwigoff

What if Ghost World come out today?

Killer Instinct by Rare

The megacorporation “Ultratech” concludes that humanity has become complacent and no longer desires evolution - to rectify this, they introduce new dangers and horrors to the world in order to force them to evolve. One of them is a tournament called Killer Instinct. Along with regular participants, experimental creatures created by Ultratech also fight in the tournament so their strength can be tested. Ultratech also discovers a technology to make bridges between dimensions, and releases a two-headed monster called Eyedol and Gargos from this dimensional prison. This will follow the plot of the reboot, which will span into three films …

Soul Calibur by Bandai Namco

The film adaptation of Bandai Namco's fighting series is based on the upcoming sixth installment, which retells the story of two legendary swords: the Soul Edge and the Soul Calibur.

The Old Man & the Gun (2008) by David Lowery

The Old Man & the Gun made 10 years earlier.

Denis Villeneuve's Se7en by David Fincher

Denis Villeneuve directed Se7en

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After seemingly overcoming his emotional torment with the Death of Quinten Rowan and successfully making …


Galaxy Warriors learn that Dwayne Cooper and Shadow Vanguard went rogue and they are on …

Denis Villeneuve's Gravity

What if Denis Villeneuve directed Gravity?

Gravity (Gender Swapped)

What if Gravity was gender swapped? (NOTE: Even the director must be a different gender.)

Yin Yang Yo!: Revival

Two rabbit siblings are trained by their panda mentor in the mystic martial art of …


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