Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

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Murder on the Orient Express (2007) by Kenneth Branagh and Agatha Cristie

Murder on the Orient Express made 10 years earlier.

The Invaders (Musicians) by Skeeter Hurd

If the cast of The Invaders were musicians

The Incredible Hulk(1998) by Louis Letterier,Kevin Feige

10 years earlier

Batman 1960's Reboot by William Dozier

Who would they get to play the characters of the 1966 Adam West Batman TV Show (and few others I just added) TODAY?

Shermer Universe (1990's) by John Hughes

A crossover film centered in the town of Shermer where all the characters of John Hughes films meet together!

Popular Titles

The 40 Year Old Virgin (British Cast)

If the cast of 40 Year Old Virgin were British

LEGO Back to the 80's

What if we have all the 80's characters together in LEGO?

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures: The Movie

The Angry Video Game Nerd and his friends get sucked into a game and have ...

Knocked Up (British Cast)

If the cast of Knocked Up were British

The Marital Suicides

A romantic comedy-drama about Alex and Amelia Greene, a married couple with a five-year age ...


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