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The Amazing Spider-Man (2002) by Marc Webb, Columbia Pictures

What if The Amazing Spider-Man was made 10 years earlier.

Hell or High Water (Gender Swapped) by Taylor Sheridan

What if Hell or High Water was gender swapped?

Technical Difficulties by Dawson Joyce & Vincent Garcia

SYNOPSIS: As a harmless prank, a group of troublemaking teenagers decide to crash a live news report in the middle of the day. However, the arrogant and narcissistic head of the top news station isn't pleased with this. The teens eventually discover that they've underestimated how much trouble they would really be in for this and try their damnedest to escape, while the owner sends out a team to chase them in order to prevent them from crashing any more reports and turning them into disastrous fiascos. MPAA RATING: PG-13 for reckless behavior, some suggestive content, language throughout, and brief ...

Watchmen (1959) by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

Watchmen made 50 years earlier.

The Master Phantasmic by Dawson Joyce & Tristan Hartup

SYNOPSIS: In 19th century Victorian era England, struggling businessman, inventor, and father Martin Felton winds up in a terrible accident that ends up killing him. After his death, he ends up coming back as a phantasm, a ghostly figure that can be seen and heard but has no physical reality to speak of, existing only in the dreams, nightmares, and imaginations of others. He also discovers that he has acquired strange abilities to allow him to do the most fantastical things imaginable whenever he's in full control of them. When he discovers something that can let him acquire physical reality, ...

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Paul Thomas Anderson's Gone Girl

What if Paul Thomas Anderson directed Gone Girl?

Kingdom Come (DC Universe 90's version)

In this Elseworld's epic saga, The Man of Steel, and the Justice League, have delayed ...

Hello Goodbye

SYNOPSIS: Two people, both of whom are clearly in love with one another and yet ...

Rise of the Guardians (2002)

What if Rise of the Guardians was released in 2002 ? What would it be ...

Grey Anatomy with Musicians



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