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Denis Villeneuve's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by Denis Villeneuve

Continuing on from Man of Steel

Street Fighter (new reboot) by Kyle Cooke/Capcom

A brand new reboot of the Street Fighter films Release date: August 9, 2019 MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of action, violence and destruction and some language Leads: Charlie Nash-main protagonist William Guile-secondary protagonist Chun-Li-tertiary protagonist M. Bison-main antagonist Victor Sagat-secondary antagonist Vega-tertiary antagonist Dee Jay-quatenary antagonist Zangief-quinary antagonist

Shameless(2000-2006) by Showtime

Shameless(US version) if it came out in the early 2000s

Game of Thrones (2000-2007) Night's Watch by George R.R. Martin

The Night's Watch if Game of Thrones was made 10 years earlier.

Game of Thrones (2000-2007) House Clegane by George R.R. Martin

House Clegane if Game of Thrones was made 10 years earlier.

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SYNOPSIS: My idea for a series of music videos slash short films featuring covers of ...

The Dark Knight Returns (1965)

What if The Dark Knight Returns was made 1965?

Star Wars: Droids

A Star Wars Spinoff Starting C-3PO And R2-D2


The Queen Mariah Carey biopic

Alien: Covenant (1999)

Follow up to Prometheus (1994)


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