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FRIEND by Dawson Joyce; Based on the Novel by Diana Henstell; Based on a Screenplay by Bruce Joel Rubin

Logline: An intelligent young boy tries to revive his dying girlfriend by implanting a robotic microchip into her brain, only to discover too late that he's turned her into a terrifying monster seeking revenge on those who wronged her. Plot: Paul Conway is a smart but troubled teenager who is dealing with the divorce of his parents and the death of a classmate that he accidentally caused at his previous school. Paul, his newly single mother Jeannie, and BB, a robot he built and his only friend, move to the town of Welling, with the opening credits playing. Paul now …


Logline: Five Internet friends must band together outside to prevent Earth from feeling the wrath of a group of extremist Internet trolls who seek to purge the world into extinction after being humiliated by their losing a forum war. Plot: The film starts off in the city of New York, New York, which is under attack by the villains, the Trolls, who all loudly chant “Long live the Trolls!” over and over. Buildings are collapsing and people are dying left and right. A man's severed head literally flies towards the camera before the film cuts to black. The opening credits …

Desert Rose by Kaoru Shintani

Mariko Rosebank is a loving housewife with a great husband and son. One day, while with her son at the airport to see her husband off to a business trip, a terrorist attack destroys the whole terminal, leaving Mariko without a son and husband. With a scar that looks like a rose flower as the only injury, she uses the tragedy to form a civilian counter-terrorism organisation, known as CAT (Counter Attack Terrorism), and devote her life to dealing with all sorts of global terrorist threats and attacks.

Nobody (2011) by Ilya Naishuller,Chad Stahelski

10 years earlier


(The long-awaited sequel to my urban fantasy time-loop title, Chance.) Months following his time-loop episode in San Francisco, reliving his first day of college over 800,000 times in order to save the surface world from a vengeful sea witch and discovering he possesses time-manipulating magical powers resulting from a surprising half-human half-tempoer (A rare and supposedly extinct race of magic users who specify in controlling time itself) heritage. Chance Bowman returns to his hometown of Denver, Colorado for the winter holidays with only one thought persistently haunting his mind: What happened to his mother, he deduces that since his father …

K-9 by Universal

What if (1989) K-9 became a reboot? What Would It Be Like?

Intervallo by Andrew Milito

An American suicide tourist forms a unexpectedly close bond with an English woman, creating internal conflict as he prepares to live his final days in Italy.

Henchmen (Live-Action) by Bron Studios

What if Henchmen (2018) was Made in Live-action?

Hop 2 (2025) by Universal Pictures, Relativity Media, Illumination Entertainment

E.B. and Fred are now crowned co-Easter Bunnies, but Carlos is planning to be the new ruler of Easter, like he did last time. So it is up to E.B., Mr. Bunny, Fred and The Pink Berets to stop Carlos before it's too late.

Shatterhand by Ian Fleming

Pierce Brosnan era James Bond film featuring Blofeld as the antagonist. Made either between “The World is Not Enough” and “Die Another Day” or after DAD.

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Ant-Man and The Wasp vs. The Beetle

When Hank Pym is framed for an old colleague's murder, Scott Lang and Hope van …


Picking up where The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Black Widow left off, Contessa …

Some Like It Hot (1999)

What if Some Like It Hot was remade 40 years later? Two struggling musicians witness …

Luca (Live-Action)

A Live-Action Version of Disney Pixar Luca

The Dark Knight Returns

After Alfred Pennyworth is murdered by a ruthless ganster known as The Penguin and a …


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