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Latest Titles

Lifestyles of the Rich and The Poor by Skeeter Hurd

A young man diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder overcomes his fear by having life planned out for him as he deals with friends and family. MPAA Rating: R for strong sexuality, graphic nudity, language, drug use and teen partying

Domino (2025) by Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinema

If Domino was made 20 years later

Bulletproof Clash (2011) by Kyle Cooke

If Bulletproof Clash was made in 2011

Teaching Mrs. Tingle (2009) by Miramax Films

If Teaching Mrs. Tingle was made 10 years later

Deep Blue Sea (2019) by Warner Bros. Pictures

If Deep Blue Sea was made 20 years later

Popular Titles

Dark Shadows (Revival)

Netflix revival series based on the famous 1960s gothic horror soap opera.

Bride of Frankenstein

A continuation of the Dark Universe franchise after the release of The Mummy.

The Filthy Frank Movie: War in the Ricefields

420 Chromosomes ago, a 54 year old pervert who somehow became a YouTube legend named ...

The LEGO Star Wars Movie

The World needs a LEGO Star Wars Movie!

Muppet Babies (Reboot)

A New Reboot of Muppet Babies is coming soon to Disney Junior in 20189, but ...


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