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Southland Out of Fire by John Tyler, Tristan Hartup, David Ayer, DC Films & Warner Bros.

SYNOPSIS: A crossover between In Pursuit of Vengeance and the upcoming Suicide Squad film. As the Greater Los Angeles Area continues to crumble under the hands of Angela Thorne, whose deadly criminal forces are suddenly rapidly decreasing in numbers, Scott Craig and LAPD detectives Keller Boyd and Delilah Kirkman come into contact with A.R.G.U.S. intelligence officer Amanda Waller. Waller sends the Suicide Squad on a mission to cooperate with Craig, Boyd, and Kirkman on defeating Thorne and her forces as well as prevent any further damage to the Southland, while a new and powerful enemy from the DC Universe contends ...

Quentin Tarantino's Suicide Squad by David Ayer

What if Quentin Tarantino directed the upcoming film Suicide Squad?

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (1976) by Jake Szymanski

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates made 40 years earlier.

Iconic Actors by Unknown

Many classic hollywood actors porteyed by actual actors

Magic Tree House by Warner Bros. Pictures and Walden Media

Based on the book series by Mary Pope Osborne. MPAA Rating: PG for adventure action and some scary images.

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Alien/Predator: Reckoning

SYNOPSIS: A sequel to my title Aliens vs. Predators: Extinction, picking up directly where it ...


Looking for a chance to make a fresh start after all the trouble he has ...

Rage Against the Messiah

A reinterpretation of vin13ish's title Businessman VS. God. ORIGINAL PLOT: A businessman decides to go ...

Hasbro's The Transformers

SYNOPSIS: A reboot of the Transformers franchise, ignoring the Michael Bay series and taking inspiration ...


After imprisoning Benjamin Sullivan, the man responsible for dealing arms to terrorists, Max Kennedy has ...


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