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Justice League Dark: Destiny Unleashed by John Tyler & DC Comics

SYNOPSIS: A sequel to my title Justice League/Suicide Squad: Enchantress Rising. Enchantress, now out of Lex Luthor's control, has now gone into hiding, feeling that she can't be a part of the Suicide Squad anymore after she attempted to kill not just them but also the Justice League and most of the world. Enchantress is discovered by occult detective John Constantine, humanoid/plant-hybrid creature and former scientist Alec Holland (Swamp Thing), and magician Zatanna Zatara. They're impressed by her abilities and introduce her to rest of their team, Justice League Dark, similar to the Justice League but dealing with supernatural threats ...

Jaws by Steven Spielberg

If Jaws was getting a remake.

The Martian (2025) by Ridley Scott

The Martian made 10 years later.

Spike Lee Empire by Spike Lee

What if Spike Lee directed Empire

The Thing by John Carpenter

If The Thing was getting a remake.

Popular Titles

Spike Lee Empire

What if Spike Lee directed Empire

A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Lover

SYNOPSIS: A film based on two ideas for Nightmare on Elm Street sequels, one by ...

Reservoir Dogs

A group of thieves assemble to pull of the perfect diamond heist. It turns into ...

Dallas Movie Verison

if the show Dallas was a movie


It's 1945. Defeat is all but inevitable for the Axis Powers... until it isn't anymore, ...


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