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Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card

On the planet Lusitania, settled by Portuguese speaking Catholics of Brazilian descent, a race of intelligent aliens is found. They are only the second race of sentient aliens ever found. The first, the buggers, were killed off by Ender in the Xenocide three thousand years earlier. The small forest dwelling aliens are called porquinhos, or piggies. They have a strange, not yet understood biology. A xenobiologist, Pipo, is tortured to death by the piggies. Andrew Wiggin, the original Speaker for the Dead, who is also Ender, comes light years by starship to discover the story of the piggies, and learns ...

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury

Will and Jim are thirteen year old boys living in Green Town, Illinois. They will turn fourteen within a week. A lightning-rod salesman comes into town and warns the boys that a storm is coming. He gives Jim a lightning rod to put up on his roof. The boys visit Charles, Will's father, at the library and take out some books. Charles feels old, although he is only fifty-four, and he is tormented by an urge to be young and run like the boys. Charles and the boys learn that a carnival called Cooger & Dark's Pandemonium Shadow Show is ...

Witness by Karen Hesse

It is 1924 and the Ku Klux Klan have begun to infiltrate Vermont. And as the town turns on itself, nobody is safe - nobody. Discrimination and prejudice abound but perhaps those proclaiming goodwill should think again ...

The Asphalt Jungle by W.R. Burnett

Master Criminal Doc Riedenschneider gets out of prison and starts to plan one last, perfect crime--a jewel robbery. He recruits his team--muscleman Dix Handley, expert safe-cracker Louis Ciavelli, and getaway driver Gus Minissi. Crooked lawyer Alonzo Emmerich agrees to fence the stolen jewels. Doc's plan seems perfect, but then, as with all "perfect" crimes, things start to unravel.

Brainbox by J.D. Taylor

The pilot for a new game show, named 'Brainbox', is picked up by the ETL TV Network. The purpose of the game is for contestants to pit their wits against a super computer by having a headset, which is wired up to the computer, placed on the contestant's head. For the first year, all goes well, until a malfunction in the machine's circuits cause it to develop the personality of an intelligent, but disturbed young woman named Cynthia Thomas. Her mind has been altered and her mental state begins to improve. Unfortunately, the computer starts to become increasingly mentally unstable. ...

Popular Titles

Monster House (2016)

Monster House if it came today

The Beach

a Reboot of 1 of my favorite Danny Boyle films The Beach is actually in ...


Bound if it come out today

The Dark Half

If The Dark Half was made today?

Poison Ivy

what if the Drew Barrymore film was release today.


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