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Titanic by James Cameron

Brock Lovett is at the remains of the Titanic, looking for the diamond, the Heart of the Ocean. Instead he finds a drawing of a woman wearing it. Once Lovett and Lweis Bodine find the woman, a 101-year-old lady named Rose, she tells them about her story on the Titanic, when she almost committed suicide and met Jack Dawson, a penniless artist. Now all is not well once the ship hits an iceberg.

Voyage Of The Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis

Whilst looking at a painting of a ship, Edmund and Lucy, along with their least favourite cousin, Eustace, are transported back to Narnia. Once there, they join King Caspian aboard the Dawn Treader, his sea faring vessel, and go in search of the lords whom his uncle exiled to distant lands. This quest turns out to be one in a series of adventures for Caspian's fellow travellers.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian by C.S Lewis

The Pevensie children return to Narnia when they discover it has been a hundred years since they sat on the thrones of Cair Paravel, which has been destroyed and King Miraz is in charge. Along with Prince Caspian they race to overthrow the King, calling on the help of Aslan and his trusty follower, Reepicheep the mouse.

Golgo 13 by Osamu Dezaki (1983 film) and Takao Saito (manga)

After assassinating the son of business tycoon Leonard Dawson, Golgo 13 finds himself prey to the CIA and the U.S. Army, whom Dawson has personally hired to kill the assassin. As days pass by, Dawson slowly loses his sanity as he continues to plot every attempt to kill Golgo 13 even without caring about who hired the assassin to kill his son.

Harry Potter & The Black Storm by J.D. Taylor (Based on characters by J.K. Rowling & Joss Whedon)

Harry, Ron, Hermoine & Ginny (Ron's younger sister) have graduated from Hogwarts and are enjoying a holiday in California. An attack by a hellhound brings the four of them into contact with Willow Rosenberg, Kennedy and Shannon, who succeed in eradicating the beast. Later, they learn from Rupert Giles, who had journeyed to America to warn them of a coming apocalypse, that the creature's master, Vokran, the most powerful of all demons, plans to re-enter this dimension by means of a phenomenon known as 'The Black Storm'. Harry and his friends, accompanied by Willow, Kennedy and Shannon, go back to ...

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Guardian Damon

As Westlake High reels in the tragic suicide of autistic Damon Albright, whom his friends ...

Hearts Beat Loud(80s)

what if the new Nick Offerman/Kiersey Clemons film was release in the 80s.

the Marvel Netflix shows

what if the Marvel Netflix shows all premiered in the 90s.

Iron Man (1998)

Iron Man made 10 years earlier

the Fast and the Furious

what if the 1955 film was release today.


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