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National Lampoon's Animal House by Doug Kenney & Chris Miller

At modern-day Faber College, the Deltas, the rowdiest, partying fraternity on campus, try to enjoy college life while dealing with the Omegas, the most prestigious, yet sobbiest frat on campus, and a mean dean who wants to expell them.

Married...With Children by Ron Leavitt & Michael G. Moye

The Bundys are a stereotypical American family. Al is a boobs-obsessed shoe salesman who is fond of frequently lamenting his 15 seconds of fame on the high school football field. Al is terrified of the all-to-frequent amorous advances his ditsy wife Peggy, a woman who spends most of Al's wages at the salon and the mall. They have two children: Kelly, the stunningly beautiful but superficial dumb blonde, and Bud, a hopeless horndog.

The Krazees by Sam Swope

(according to IMDB) Unable to deal with his daughter reaching puberty, a psychologist has to get a handle on his emotions, which have come to life as different characters.

The Polaroid Moment by J.D. Taylor

Marissa David is a twentysomething, lesbian, Aspergic, bestselling authoress. Having split up with her girlfriend, Louise Kilgarriff, the week before, she feels lonely and abandoned. In desparation, she picks an up an eighteen year-old homeless girl, Samantha Sharpe, who had come to London from the North of England. As time passes, Marissa and Sam gradually fall in love with another, but with this relationship comes emotional problems, personality flaws and egos that threaten imminent heartache for both of them.

Alien by Ridley Scott

A remake of the 1979 film of the same name. While returning from a deep-space mission, the crew of the commercial spaceship Nostromo is awakened by a supposed SOS call from a system they are passing through. Descending to the planet's surface, they discover a strange derelict spaceship - the apparent source of the transmission - and one of the crew descends into the hold. What he finds are thousands of strange alien eggs. While examining one of the eggs, it hatches and the parasite inside attacks him. After returning to the Nostromo the crew takes off again to head ...

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