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Li'l Abner by Al Capp, Gene de Paul, Johnny Mercer, Norman Panama, and Melvin Frank

This musical (based on the famous comic strip of the same name), takes place mainly in the fictional mountain community of Dogpatch, USA, where everyday is just a "typical day". The play gets its title from the main character, Li'l Abner Yokum, a handsome, musclebound young man who would only want to just go fishing. One day, the people of Dogpatch learn their town is scheduled to be used as an atomic bomb testing site, due to the fact that there is nothing necessary about the town. Meanwhile, Abner is too afraid to let Daisy Mae, a girl who has ...

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee by William Finn and Rachel Sheinkin

This smash hit musical comedy is about, you guessed it, an elementary and middle school spelling bee and its participants. In between nerve-racking rounds of spelling, the spellers talk, or rather, sing, about their lives and problems, from Chip Tolentino(last year's winner)'s unfortunate erection, to Leaf Coneybear's horrible ADHD, to Olive Ostrovsky's unattending parents. Who will win the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee?

Blake's 7: The Aftermath by Tanith Lee and Terry Nation

The story picks up at the end of the mighty space war between the Human Federation and the forces of Andromeda. Caught up in the battle are the crew of the "Liberator" who are forced to bail out when the ship is badly damaged. The survivors struggle to return to the ship but find it in unfriendly hands, then have to face a terrifying alien menace which has assumed the form of crew member Cally.

Blake's 7: The Beginning by Terry Nation

Set in the far future where freedom fighter Roj Blake, framed by the all-powerful but corrupt Galactic Federation which runs all human affairs, escapes his captors from his sentence to a harsh penal colony and, helped by a handful of fellow convicts and armed with a superbly-eqquiped alien spaceship, sets about restoring freedom to the galaxy.

The Pigman by Paul Zindel

Aspiring actor john, and neurotic Lorraine are two young people looking for a way out of the numbness of being lonely. They find each other.... and the Pigman. And out of their zaniness and energy they create a laughter and a love too good to last.

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Aladdin (1950's)

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