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Barbarella by Terry Southern, Roger Vadim, Vittorio Bonicelli, Brian Degas, Tudor Gates and Jean-Claude Forest.

The year is 40000. Peacefully floating around in zero-gravity Barbarella is suddenly interrupted by a call from the President of Earth. A young scientist, Duran-Duran, is threatening the ancient universal peace and Barbarella is the chosen one to find him and save the world. During her mission, Barbarella never finds herself in a situation where it isn't possible to lose at least part of her already minimal dressing.

Conan The Destroyer by Robert E. Howard, Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway andStanley Mann

Conan goes on a quest to rescue a princess and recover magical artifacts in return for his dead lover being restored to life, along the way he recieves help from a diverse group of allies

Bell, Book and Candle by John Van Druten

On the eve of his marriage, a groom-to-be becomes smitten with another woman, unaware that he's falling under the spell of a charming witch!

Simu-Life by Eric Parker

In the year 2203, Kevin Forrester is nothing more than a nameless face in the crowded space station on which he lives.With nothing to live for, a family who despises him, and psycho ex-girlfriend, he is ready to give it all up. When he hears of an experimental procedure, Simu-Life, that would literally transfer his essence into another person and vice versa, this average Joe makes a decision that will literally change his life forever. He enjoys his life at first, but as he sees his former persona suddenly gaining fame and love (everything he never had), he decides he ...

Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth

Concerning a plot to assassinate President Charles de Gaulle of France by a sharp-shooting master of disguise, and the investigation to prevent it.

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Lucky Star

Sandra "Natalie" Lewis has man trouble; she's a famous actress/model/singer who known for different love ...

Are You There, God? It's Me Margret

Based on the book by Judy Blume, the film follows 12-year-old Margret who is growing ...

Castlevania: The Animated Movie (1980's)

What if Castlevania was an animated film in the 1980's?

Muppets in Space (1999)

An alien empire has found Gonzo’s appearance on Earth, They bring him and The Muppets ...

Jaws (SNL Cast) (1970's)

Cast SNL Members as the Cast from Jaws


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