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For A Few Dollars More by Sergio Leone

The Man with no nameis back. This time he is on the hunt for an outlaw but another mysterious bounty hunter is also on the trail with different intentions in mind.

Seventh Grade Weirdo by Lee Wardlaw

The story of seventh grader Christopher "Rob" Robin and his wacky family. A genius toy-inventing six-year-old sister, a Winnie-the-Pooh-addicted mom, and a surfer dad. Rob is forced to contend with the feared school bully, The Shark.

Reaction by WT

Pulp Fiction - esque style film, with three intograted story lines involving a hit women, a hustler and a high stakes lawyer.

Manhunt by Charlie Bailey

Deathrow inmate James Earl Cash finds himself kidnapped from prison the moment of his execution, only to awake in a desolate city where he soon discovers that he's the target of several hired psychopaths in a gruesome bloodsport.

Bat Boy by Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming

A half boy/half bat creature is discovered in a cave near Hope Falls, West Virginia. For lack of a better solution, the local sheriff brings Bat Boy to the home of the town veterinarian, Dr. Parker, where he is eventually accepted as a member of the family and taught to act like a "normal" boy by the veterinarian's wife, Meredith, and teenage daughter, Shelley. Bat Boy is happy with his new life, but when he naively tries to fit in with the narrow-minded people of Hope Falls, they turn on him, prodded by the machinations of Dr. Parker, who secretly ...

Popular Titles

Room (1985)

If Room was made 30 years earlier.

Jimmy Neutron

Jimmy is a Fifth grade genius always inventing some new gadget to solve some new ...

Welcome to Earth

SYNOPSIS: A satirical science fiction dark comedy-drama about humans and aliens living amongst one another ...

Batman: The Long Halloween

A reboot completely unrelated to the DCEU,using the Long Halloween storyline as its plot.

Going in Style (2027)

Going in Style made 10 years later.


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