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Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl

Charlie and Mr. Willy Wonka, the unforgettable heroes of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, return for a second magical adventure. We last glimpsed them inside the great glass elevator, soaring through the chocolate factory. Now the action moves in orbit as the Great Glass elevator zooms into Space with Mr. Wonka, Charlie and the entire Bucket family inside. A crazy adventure ensues in which our travellers encounter vermicious Knids, the President of the United States and some miracle reverse-ageing pills.

Prison Sattelite by Leo P. Kelley (Book)

While on duty on a prison satellite, space policeman Barry Marks becomes involved in the jailbreak of a dangerous prisoner.

Escape from Absolom by Richard Herley (novel), Michael Gaylin and Joel Gross

It is the year 2022 where prisons have been taken over by private enterprise. Convicted for a shooting a superior officer, special forces captain John Robbins is sentenced to Absolom Island, reserved for the toughest, most persistent escapees. On Absolom, all prisoners have been abandoned in the wild with little in the ways of tools and all escape attempts are monitored by sattelite and armed helicopters. There Robbins finds himself caught between the island's two camps - the barbaric Outsiders and the peaceful Insiders, Robbins refuses to become involved in the two camps ongoing war and determines to escape the ...

Logan's World by William F. Nolan

"The wars were over - But Logan was still running for his life..." Logan had fought years to destroy the dictators, but he wasn't free. He was still an outlaw in a ravaged land of killers, slave-traders, rapists, psychotic children. All he could do was keep running from the future...

Escape from Jupiter by Kagari Tajima, Funitaka Tamura and Kate Woods

Some point in the not-too distant future, a mining/research colony is set up on one of Jupiter's moons, Io. All's okay until a major earthquake destroys the communication array and puts the colony in danger of falling down the side of a canyon. In a deseperate bid to escape back to earth, the colonists have to activate an abandon space station and use it to get back to Earth. The events that take place on the trip tests the colonists to the limit.

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