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Seeing Stars by Skeeter Hurd

After her father dies in a car crash, an young woman discovers spirits from a mysterious psychic while communicating with him. PITCH: It's like Ghost meets Frequency meets The Strangers. CHARACTER LIST: Jamie - He is a lawyer. Betsy - She is Jamie's wife. Courtney - She is Jamie's daughter. Laura - She is Courtney's best friend. Matt - He is Courtney's boyfriend. Dale - He is a police officer. Mr. Hopkins - He is a professor. Ms. Hill - She is another professor. John - He is a psychic who helps Courtney. MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some disturbing images …

Demolition Man (2020) by Warner Bros.

A police officer is brought out of suspended animation in prison to pursue an old ultra-violent nemesis who is loose in a non-violent future society.

Recess(Live-Action) by Walt Disney Pictures

Based on the 1997 animated series of the same name

Gunshot Radio by Skeeter Hurd

Interwined stories between a radio host, a mobster, a drug dealer, a cop and a prostitute. PITCH: It's like Pulp Fiction meets Sicario. CHARACTER LIST: Katie - She is a radio host. Drew - He is Katie's boyfriend. Gianni - He is a mob boss. Scottie - He is a drug dealer. Betty - She is a prostitute. Gabe - He is a police officer. Gina - She is Gabe's wife. Abby - She is Gabe's daughter. Todd - He is a CIA agent. Nate - He is a boxer. Richard - He is a fellow radio host. Lucy - …

Double Suspicion by Skeeter Hurd

A struggling writer tracks down his twin brother who kidnapped and murdered his daughter. PITCH: It's like Prisoners meets Taken meets Dead Ringers meets Identity meets The Strangers. CHARACTER LIST: Nick Tyler - He is a struggling writer. Jenna Tyler - She is Nick's wife. Courtney Tyler - She is Nick's daughter. Isabella Tyler - She is Nick's daughter who was murdered by Norbert. Norbert Tyler - He is Nick's twin brother. Detective Drayton - He is a detective. MPAA Rating: R for strong grisly violence, bloody images, language throughout and some nudity

The Invisible Man (2010) by Leigh Whannell; inspired by the novel by H.G. Wells

What if The Invisible Man was released 10 years ago?

Midway (2009) by Roland Emmerich

What if Midway was made 10 years earlier? The story of the Battle of Midway, told by the leaders and the sailors who fought it.

When You Love Someone by Skeeter Hurd

Two childhood friends become lovers until one of them dies unexpectedly. PITCH: It's like Boyhood meets The Time Traveler's Wife meets Fault in our Stars meets The Notebook. CHARACTER LIST: Michael - He is a Marine. Wendy - She is Michael's girlfriend (now wife) who suffers from cancer. Isabella - She is Michael and Wendy's daughter. Joanne - She is Michael's mother. Frank - He is Michael's father. Mary - She is Wendy's mother. Bob - He is Wendy's father. Sara - She is Isabella's best friend. Tony - She is Isabella's boyfriend. Mr. Matthews - He is a teacher …

Onward (live-action) by Dan Scanlon and Jason Headley & Keith Bunin

What if Onward was live-action? And NOT by Disney?

Undeclared (2011) by Judd Apatow

What if Undeclared aired 10 years later?

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Based on the 1997 animated series of the same name

Demolition Man (2020)

A police officer is brought out of suspended animation in prison to pursue an old …

Supergirl (2022)

The Origin of Kara Zor-El, The Last Daughter of Krypton begins her Journey on Earth …

Lion King (Part 2)

Simba and Nala became (King and Queen) of Pride Rock in the Jungles of Africa …

The Goonies (2021)

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