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Kickin' it Old Skool by Jizzy Entertainment, Hi-Def Entertainment, Bob Yari Productions

A young breakdancer hits his head during a talent show and slips into a coma for twenty years. Waking up in 2006, he looks to revive his and his team's career with the help of his girlfriend and his parents.

Caddyshack (1995) by Harold Ramis

What if Caddyshack was made in the 90s?

BILLY by Tristan Hartup

On the outside, Billy Banning just seems like a normal and blandly average young man, he's smart, well-organised and generally tries to be as friendly as he can despite his tendencies to be extraordinarily shy, awkward and overall quite cowardly towards nearly everyone and everything around him, and has a solid job working the night shift as a hospital janitor. But among all his fears in life, his greatest one happens to be himself, as Billy as a secret that he has been hiding for almost a hundred years, that he is in fact what many people would perceive as …

Stripes (1996) by Ivan Reitman

What if Stripes was remade 15 years later?

Chinatown by Skeeter Hurd

A story of four Chinese American teenagers growing up in organized crime in Chinatown, Manhattan. PITCH: It's like Stand by Me meets Goodfellas meets Sicario. CHARACTER LIST: Bo - He is a photojournalist Dong - He is a drug dealer. Han - He is Dong's partner in crime. Kang - He is Bo's childhood friend. Lin - He is a drug lord. He is also Han's older brother. Shen - He is an arms dealer. Mei - She is Bo's friend and love interest. Gang - He is an mob boss. Jun - He is one of Gang's henchmen. Tao …

Days Missing by Skeeter Hurd

A college student's life has turned upside down when he discovers an experimental drug that alters his brain and percepts things like investigating a murder of a fellow student on his campus. PITCH: It's like Limitless meets Brick meets Donnie Darko meets The Strangers. (NOTE: It has an ensemble cast.) CHARACTER LIST: Blaine - He is a college student. Cathy - She is Blaine's mother. Bob - He is Blaine's father. Michelle - She is Blaine's girlfriend. Dirk - He is Blaine's best friend. Jenna - She is Blaine's love interest. Nick - He is a young man who bullies …

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2012) by George Clooney

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind made 10 years later

Fight Club (1949) by David Fincher

Fight Club made 50 years earlier

Top 20 Movies of the Decade by N/A

The 2010's are over, Write down your favorite movies of this decade!

Your Top 10 Best Movies Of 2019 by Everyone

With 2019 soon coming to an end, let's make this time for you all to list your ten favorite movies of this year, vote for your picks and then write your full list in the comment box.

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