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Skinnybones by Barbara Park

Alex “Skinnybones” Frankovich is the smallest player on his baseball team, and is famous for his big mouth. But even Alex knows he's gone too far when he brags his way into a battle of skills with T.J. Stoner, the Little League legend with a perfect pitching record.

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

When mischievous Max is sent to bed without dinner, he dreams of sailing to a land filled with wild creatures. When Max is able to tame the creatures and they come to see that he is “the most wild thing of all”, he is crowned King and rules over the forest Where the Wild Things Are.

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac by Jhonen Vasquez

Maniacal Johnny (Nny for short) goes on his usual killing sprees (As the name implies), not only because he is a lunatic, but he needs a fresh coat of blood painted on his wall to prevent an unnamed evil from escaping from within it. He takes advice from Psycho Doughboy and Mr. Eff. Both are motivating Nny to either kill himself or keep killing other people. He also listens to Nail Bunny, a bunny he nailed on the wall, who is Nny's good side. He scares the bejeesus out of his neighbor Squee. He has a basement filled with Pit …

Last Man Standing by Walter Hill

John Smith, a lone gunslinger on the lam, drives into the town of Jericho, Texas in the depression era south. Two rival Irish and Italian gangs have turned Jericho into a ghost town. Smith takes advantage of the situation by playing the two gangs off each other to make a profit for himself. Little does Smith know that he is playing a dangerous game where his honor and life are on the line…

Murder by Death by Neil Simon

Millionnaire Lionel Twain invites the five most brilliant private eyes to a dinner - and a murder. So, Sidney Wang, Dick Charleston, Jessica Marbles, Milo Perrier and Sam Diamond arrive at the remote castle. At nine, a dinner is supposed to be served. Suddenly, Lionel Twain appears and lets the private eyes in on his plan: Exactly at midnight, a murder is going to take place. And he offers a million dollars to the one who can solve the murder. Then he disappears. Will the five most brilliant minds of our time be able to see through the elaborate set-up …

I am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe's newest novel describes the experiences of his protagonist, Charlotte Simmons, at the fictional Dupont University. Charlotte comes from a small town called Sparta, in North Carolina, and must deal with the temptations of the university that conflict with her moral values.

Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl

A “garden tale” of farmer versus vermin, or vice versa. The farmers in this case are a vaguely criminal team of three stooges: Boggis, Bunce, and Bean. Their sole objective is the extermination of our hero–the noble, the clever, the Fantastic Mr. Fox. When they lay siege to his den, he tunnels to where the farmers least expect him–their own larders! In the end, Mr. Fox not only survives, but also helps the whole community of burrowing creatures live happily ever after. (

Captain Planet and the Planeteers by Ted Turner

Awaking from a long sleep, Gaia, the spirit of the earth, found the world struggling to survive with humanity carelessly abusing it. Realizing that the damage went beyond a few messes, Gaia decided to summon the power of five rings, each with the power to control an element of nature. Gaia sent the rings to five chosen youths across the globe: Kwame, Wheeler, Linka, Gi, and Ma-ti. These five were dubbed “The Planeteers” and were given the task of protecting the earth from the greatest of disasters and doing their part to keep others from happening. The five teenagers, who …

The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen

After almost fifty years as a wife and mother, Enid Lambert is ready to have some fun. Unfortunately, her husband, Alfred, is losing his sanity to Parkinson's disease, and their children have long since flown the family nest to the catastrophes of their own lives. The oldest, Gary, a once-stable portfolio manager and family man, is trying to convince his wife and himself, despite clear signs to the contrary, that he is not clinically depressed. The middle child, Chip, has lost his seemingly secure academic job and is failing spectacularly at his new line of work. And Denise, the youngest, …

Shadow Magic by Ann Hu

Beijing 1902: Photographer Liu Jiang befriends Raymond Wallace. An Englishman opening “Shadow Magic,” the first movie theatre in Beijing. Liu loves his new job but it conflicts with his father's authority, the woman he loves and age old traditions. Can movies bring change but still presrve tradition?

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Dora and the Lost City of Gold (90s)

If Dora and the Lost City of Gold was Made in 1990s

Luna and the Galaxies

A cyborg teams up with a group of young women to stop a robot invasion. …

I Am Not Okay With This(2000s)

“I Am Not Okay With This” if it came out in the 2000s

Disney's Back To Oz

With the Wicked Witch of the West now vanquished from Oz, Dorothy is back in …

Life and Death at Dubin High

Monica Greer: Lead guitar, lead singer. Jenny Morrison: Bass guitar, backing vocals. Violet Pearce: Drums. …


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