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The Poseidon Adventure by Paul Gallico

On New Year's Eve, the S.S. Poseidon is struck by a tidal wave and is capsized. A Reverend leads nine survivors on a journey through the ship in order to survive. They traverse the now upside-down ship through steam, fire and rising water in a race against time.

Hitman: Codename 47 by Andrew Brennand (Eidos UK)

The exploits of a mysterious hitman known only as Agent 47. He is hired to take down some of the worlds most evil and guarded figures of organized crime and politics.

Psi Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy by Brian Babendererde

A psychic terrorist organization is bent on taking over the world, and lone soldier Nick Scryer, with altered memories and suppressed psychic abilities, is sent to infiltrate and stop their plans at all costs.

Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault

A princess is born with all the blessings that royalty has to offer. Save for that of a curse placed upon her by an angry old fairy, which makes her sleep like the dead until one day a prince shall come and wake her with a kiss…

Hellsing by Kohita Hirano and Chiaki Konaka

The Hellsing Agency is a group of fighters that protects Great Britain and the Anglican Church from vampires and ogres. Led by Integra Hellsing, the heiress of the legendary van Helsing Family, the agency sets on the crusade with Alucard, a renegade vampire who fights for humanity. (

Some Like It Hot by Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond

Two struggling musicians witness the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and try to find a way out of the city before they are found and killed by the mob. The only job that will pay their way is an all girl band so the two dress up as women. In addition to hiding, each has his own problems; One falls for another band member but can't tell her his gender, and the other has a rich suitor who will not take “No,” for an answer.

WKRP In Cincinnati by Hugh Wilson

Arthur Carlson tries to run his mother's failing AM radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio by changing its format to rock and roll, in hopes that the change will bring success. His own incompetence is overshadowed by the collection of crazies that work at the station, from wild DJ's Dr. Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap to news-geek Les Nessman and obnoxious advertising sales manager Herb Tarlek. This TV comedy shows us what happens when they try scheme after scheme in an attempt to make the station successful.

The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham

A shower of meteorites produces a glow that blinds anyone that looks at it. Since it was such a beautiful sight, most people were watching, and as a consequence, 99% of the population go blind. This chaos results in the escape of some Triffids: experimental plants that are capable of moving themselves around and attacking people. Couple Bill and Josella and other seeing people must begin a new life in the world filled with poor blind victims and Triffids.

The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 by John Bishop

This play is a comedic romp which enjoyed a long and critically hailed run both on and Off-Broadway. Poking fun at the more ridiculous aspects of “show biz” and the corny thrillers of Hollywood's heyday, the play is a non-stop barrage of laughter as those assembled (or at least those who aren't killed off) untangle the mystery of the “Stage Door Slasher.”

Stalag 17 by Billy Wilder, Edwin Blum

A story of the members of a German POW camp during World War II. When two POWs are killed during a breakout attempt from POW camp Stalag 17, the POWs suspect that an insider is passing information out to the guards. When the guards seem to be more and more aware of the prisoners' activities the POWs turn on Sefton, who deals regular trades with the guards. However Sefton knows he's innocent and sets about to find who the real informer is.

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