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Guardians of the Galaxy (2024) by Kevin Feige , James Gunn, and Nicole Perlman

Guardians of the Galaxy made 10 years later.

Young Frankenstein by 20th Century Fox, G.K. Films, Regency Enterprises, and Amblin Entertainment

The musical is made in movie of Young Frankenstein. The movie is about to see The New Mel Brooks Musical: Young Frankenstein comes into the screen. Stars with Roger Bart as Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, Emile Hirsch as Igor, Vince Vaughn as The Monster, Kristen Wiig as Inga, Kristin Chenoweth as Frau Blucher, Shia LaBeouf as Harold the Blind Hermit, Steve Buscemi as Victor Frankenstein, Shuler Hensley as Inspector Kemp, and Jimmy Bennett as the Student of Frankenstein's Science Class.

Final Fantasy XIII by Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIII is set on the world of Gran Pulse, above which floats Cocoon, an artificial biodome on which humanity lives, fearful of the surface world. Lightning, a member of the Guardian Corps military forces, goes rogue when her sister Serah is branded a l'Cie by a fal'Cie from Gran Pulse, designating her an enemy of Cocoon. The Sanctum government authorizes a Purge of citizens who may have come in contact with the fal'Cie, and Lightning meets up with the pilot Sazh Katzroy on her way to find Serah amid the Purge. Also caught up in the Purge are …

Mean Girls (2024) by Mark Waters

Mean Girls made 20 years later

The Sitter by Skeeter Hurd

A young woman's life has turned upside down when she babysits two children. When the children sees her, what they didn't know is that she has a sinister side. CHARACTER LIST: Becky - She is a college student by day, babysitter by night. Nikki - She is Krystal and Chris' mother. John - He is Krystal and Chris' father. Krystal - She is Nikki and John's rebellious daughter. Chris - He is Nikki and John's shy son. Michelle - She is Krystal's best friend. Willy - He is a homeless man who befriends Becky. Officer Harris - He is a …

Family of Seven by Skeeter Hurd

A story of a young woman leaving her high school days and getting into prostitution. PITCH: It's like a female version of Boyhood meets The Wonder Years meets Boogie Nights. CHARACTER LIST: Mandy - She is a high school student who is struggling to explore her sexuality. Pauline - She is Mandy's mother. Mike - He is Mandy's womanizing father. Michelle - She is Mandy's stepmother. Justin - He is Mandy's younger brother. Kyle - He is Mandy's younger brother. Mikayla - She is Mandy's younger paternal half sister that resulted from Mandy's father's affair. Kylie - She is Mandy's …

Fragile X by Skeeter Hurd

A cop's life on the line when a young woman disappeared unexpectedly. CHARACTER LIST: Corey - He is a police officer. Majors - He is the chief of police. Kelsey - She is Corey's wife. Logan - He is Corey's partner in crime. Kristy - She is a detective. Hafez - He is an African American Muslim police officer. Stella - She is a prostitute. Lindhurst - He is one of Corey's colleagues. Becca - She is Corey's love interest. Omid - He is an Arab American police officer and one of Corey's colleagues. Kate - She is one of …

Untitled Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Sequel by Warner Bros, Legendary Entertainment, The Pokemon Company

What If Pokémon: Detective Pikachu Have a Sequel. Description Soon

Avengers 5 (2021-2022) by Marvel


Avengers: Endgame (2029) by Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, Kevin Feige,Christopher Markus, and Stephen McFeely

What if Avengers: Endgame was made 10 years later?

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Jane Wilde

In Deadtown City New Mexico, during the 1880s, an old man pays a visit to …

Dewey Dew Night: Celebrity Edition

What if Ducktales: Dewey Dew Night have a Live-Action/Animated Talk Show with Celebrities (NOTE: Influences: …

Avengers 5 (2021-2022)


Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII is set on the world of Gran Pulse, above which floats Cocoon, …

Young Frankenstein

The musical is made in movie of Young Frankenstein. The movie is about to see …


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