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Wiarowski's Titles

Across the Universe by Dick Clement & Ian La Frenais

Jude is a teenager who lives in Liverpool. But he didn't have a father. He ditched him and his mother after the war. So, he goes to America and finds him working at a janitor at Princeton college. At Princeton, he meets a slacker Maxwell Carrigan, who invites him to Thanksgiving. At Max's house, he meets his beautiful young sister, Lucy. Jude and Max go to New York and bunk in with an aspiring rock singer, Sadie, who is working to put together a band. Over at their house they meet a black guitarist, JoJo, who has just lost his …

Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider has been told by Yassen Gregorovich about his father being a killer for Scorpia. Alex goes to Venice with his friend Tom Harris for sight-seeing (as far as Tom knows). Alex sneaks into a place call Ca' Vedova, where he meets a man named Nile. Alex finds out Nile is the top assassin working for Scorpia. Alex learns that it was MI6 who killed his father from the head of Scorpia, Julia Rothman. Will Alex remain an agent to MI6, or will he follow his father's footsteps and join Scorpia?

Halloween III by ????

A new H3 with Michael Myers, who now has been in a coma since the events of Halloween II and returned to Smith's Grove Mental Hospital, and Sam Loomis, who is in a hospital after the events of Halloween II. Halloween II's end: Michael Myers and Sam Loomis are in final showdown at the Haddonfield hospital. The hospital explodes, putting Michael and Loomis in a coma (Michael's coma lasting much longer). Adult Loomis Segment: Sam Loomis wakes up at a hospital in Chicago. He is greeted by his brother, Alex Loomis. Loomis tells Alex of everything that has happened on …

Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz

While on vacation with Sabina in France, Alex Rider spots his mortal enemy Yassen Gregorovich and overhears a phone call with an unknown person. He doesn't quite understand what they were talking about until he finds out Sabina's dad was just injured by a bomb in, what the police claim to be, a “terrorist incident.” When Alex traces Yassen's phonecall to multimillionaire Damian Cray, a man in a rock group who has donated millions to charity, Alex has supicions that Cray might not be the man the whole world thinks he is.

Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz

Alex is called up by the CIA in America to work with two agents to find out what a Russian army veteran is doing in a Carribbean island called Cayo Esqueleto (Skeleton Key) when word is he is inviting the Russian president over.

Airplane! by Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker

After all the passengers on a plane are struck with food poisoning, an ex-pilot must land the plane safely.

"Manos" The Hands of Fate by Harold P. Warren

A family goes on a road trip. While traveling through the Texas desert, they stop by a lodge watched by a mysterious man named Torgo, who claims to “take(s) care of the place while The Master is away.” They eventually discover the lodge is of the polygamous pagan cult and they cannot escape. Soon, The Master finds out of the visitors. Chaos ensues as he decides what to do with them.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 by Joel Hodgson

Season 1-5: Joel Robinson is a worker at Gizmonics Institute. “Joel Average,” you might say. And he did a great job at it. But his bosses, Dr. Clayton Forrester and TV's Frank didn't like him. So, they shot him into space. While in space, with his robot friends Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo, Gypsy, and Cambot, Joel is forced by “the Mads” (Forrester and Frank) to watch the worst movies ever made. But he survives the movies by poking fun at them. This is until, on the spaceship, Joel finds an escape pod in a case of hamdingers and rockets …

The Godfather, Part III by Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola

Dignified Michael Corleone joins his wild nephew in a Sicilian vendetta involving the Vatican.

The Godfather, Part II by Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola

Michael Corleone moves his father's crime family to Las Vegas, while flashbacks recall Vito's climb to power.

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