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STARBRIGHT: THE WING OF MANHATTAN by Vincent Garcia and Giovanni Garcia

Marcus joined Infinity Vanguard in order to help them more and he is under guidance of Gary Skyler, the head of Infinity Vanguard. He was assigned to protect Gary’s daughter from villainous mercenary group who is targeting on her for unknown reason but in the process, he end up become involved with political conspiracy surrounding the president of United States. PLOT TWIST: It was revealed that Sean James is the true founder of Infinity Vanguard and the great-grandfather of Luna and Gary Skyler turn out to be helping with Hank and The Liberty and he was willing to let his …

OMEGA Z by Vincent Garcia

The Beta Knights are group of 3 female soldiers who are like Navy Seals for Infinity Vanguard and their mission to hunt down anyone who have an ability to turn into a demonic and animalistic creature known as Beast Freaks. One day, they came across a mysterious young man named Maverick with no memory of his childhood and they learn that Maverick also have ability to turn into a lizard-like creature but only when he see someone get hurt. Realizing the man have no intention of hurting people, they decide to train him and help him to control his animal …

GEAR TURBO by Vincent Garcia

Jake Douglas is a young high-school student who love collecting toy cars and dreamed of becoming a racer to follow the footsteps of his late father. During his field trip, their classes was attacked by hooded figure who want to find Jake for unknown reason and before he could killed him, the hooded figure get ran over by a talking car and the car told Jake to get on and the car took him to space. The car told Jake that his father was actually intergalactic hero and the car reveal that he can transform into the iron suit for …

RAZING PRINCESS by Vincent Garcia

There’s a planet named Spyrak that is hidden from the whole universe and it’s home of Razing Warriors who are protectors of Spyrak and one of Razing Warrior happens to be the king of Spyrak and he trained his young daughter to be his successor as the queen of Spyrak and the leader of Razing Warriors. Years later, Kira is now experienced Warrior and her father send her and other for their mission but the mission gone wrong as most of Razing Warriors expect Kira are killed by villainous empire who want to find Spyrak. She team up with a …

Avengers: Infinity War (Gender-Swapped) by Marvel Studios

What if Avengers: Infinity War swapped the gender of character?

Avengers: Infinity War (1998) by Marvel Studios

What if Avengers: Infinity War was made 20 years earlier?


A costume designer get called from her husband that her estranged opera singer father is dying and want her to be part of his final tour to spend time with her. She was reluctantly at first but decides to spend time with her ailing father since she hasn’t spoke to him for decades. Main Characters Emma Watts- A costume designer and daughter of Martin Russo and she hasn’t talk with him for decades due of her bad relationship with her father. She decides to take on a tour since her father is dying and want to spend time with him. …

AMERICAN WOLF by Vincent Garcia

5 young police officers are tasked by LAPD to go undercover and infiltrate the mysterious billionaire since he’s only one who got the evidence to put the drug lord in prison for good but they soon end up drawn to the billionaire’s past and his lifestyle and they must chose of either ratting on the billionaire or kept him safe from LAPD and government. Main Characters Edward Wolfe- A mysterious billionaire with autism disorder who wear a 1920s-style Black clothes and is described as the modern Jay Gatsby but with ruthlessness of Michael Corleone and Gordon Gekko as he willing …

THE OSCARS’ ACCOUNTANT by Vincent Garcia, Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow

One fateful night will change the life of 2 accountants as one of them give the wrong envelope to Warren Beatty and Dunaway says the wrong winner of Best Picture which will be called “BIGGEST MISTAKE THAT OSCARS MADE”. This incident cause the life of Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz upside down. It’s will be a fictionalized true story and it play as a comedy film. It’s span from February 2017 to March 2018 as the movie end with Brian watching the Oscars as The Shape of Water took home for Best Picture. Inspiration: The Wolf of Wall Street and …


As they walk back from school, A group of High School students find an old abandoned mansion and they decides to look at the mansion. They end up in a library where a mysterious creature trapped them and tell them that he will tell 3 classic horror stories and modernized them. Main Characters The Library Martin Packer- An African-American student and main protagonist of The Library. Martin is not into horror genre and prefer Sci-fi or Superhero genre. He’s a big nerd. Rachel Goto- A Japanese-American student and Martin’s love interest. Unlike Martin, She loves horror genre and always love …

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