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Tales from the Crypt: The Movie by Warner Bros. Pictures

A cinematic motion picture adaptation of the anthology television series of the same name with seven segments that are twenty-five minutes each. Segments (in particular order): Segment #1 - "What's Cookin'': "Married couple Fred and Erma's restaurant has seen better days. But things change once a stranger walks in, with a rather unique steak recipe..." Segment #2 - "Television Terror": "A TV shock journalist gives an on-air tour of an eerie haunted house." Segment #3 - "Abra Cadaver": "A former potential surgeon sets out to wreak revenge on the brother whose cruel practical joke prevented him from realizing his dream." ...

The Mummy (2007) by Universal Pictures

What if the 2017 reboot and the first installment in the Universal Monsters shared universe were made ten years earlier?

Suicide Squad (1996) by David Ayer

If the film were made twenty years earlier

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (1996) by Chris Terrio & David S. Goyer

If the film were made twenty years earlier

Man of Steel (1993) by Christopher Nolan & David S. Goyer (Story)

If the film were made twenty years earlier

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SYNOPSIS: Based on the events of Watergate. Richard Nixon's re-election committee breaks into the Democratic ...

Goonies Forever

The Goonies decided to have Goonies ruinoun with there kids at Mouth's Resort hotel which ...

The Dark Knight Returns (1965)

What if The Dark Knight Returns was made 1965?

Star Wars: Droids

A Star Wars Spinoff Starting C-3PO And R2-D2

Shane (1993)

What if Shane was remade 40 years later?


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